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Thanksgiving Feast at Max’s Preschool, Macy’s Pink Pig, LEGOLAND

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Today’s been extra sweet for our little buddy. Mama took the day off from school and went with me to take Max to school. Then we went back to Max’s school shortly before 11:00 am for his class’s Thanksgiving Feast. Max was a pretty good boy at the feast. Mrs Cyndy, his teacher, allowed him to take the class pet, Willow, a plushy horse, home with him for Thanksgiving break. Max is super-excited about having Willow with him. He’s whimpered several times since school began about someone else’s getting to take Willow home, but now it’s his turn and he gets Willow for about ten days.

After the feast Mimi, Grandpa, Mama, and Max went to Atlanta for Max to ride Macy’s Pink Pig. Willow got to ride, too. Max got to write a letter to Santa and they went to Pottery Barn Kids to find some Elf on the Shelf stuff.

They had dinner at Chick-fil-A, stopped by the LEGOLAND Discovery Center at Phipps Plaza, and returned to Buford shortly before 8:00 pm.

The little fellow melted down at bedtime, though, because he was so tired.

He’s asleep as I write this, but I’m about to join him and Mama upstairs for what I hope turns out to be a good night’s rest for us all.

Thanksgiving Feast at Max’s School

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It’s been a pretty good day. Aside from a minor meltdown at school and a major meltdown when we first got back home, Max has had a dandy day.

Today Max’s preschool hosted a Thanksgiving feast for all the students and parents and Mama and I were glad to go. Unlike in the two previous years Max has attended First Baptist Church of Buford’s preschool program, this year’s Thanksgiving feast took place in the gym. I believe it was an improvement. There was a long chow line but we had plenty of room and could see and chat with many people we knew.

We sat with Max’s friend Alex’s mother and grandmother. Alex is Max’s number-one train buddy.

All the kids were dressed as Native Americans and had special nicknames emblazoned on their tribal vests. Max’s was Chief Scampering Squirrel, Meghan’s was Princess Gentle Breeze, and Alex’s was Chief Thunder Bear. Mama and I believe Scampering Squirrel fits Max pretty well.

When the time came for students to go home, Max didn’t want to and had a minor meltdown. He didn’t want to leave school yesterday, either. The little fellow loves playing with his friends.

When we got home the three of us were going to watch something on our media player and then take a nap together. Since I didn’t sleep well last night, I was ready for a siesta. But Max began to meltdown over something I can’t even remember now and he couldn’t recover, so Mama decided Max would take a nap in his bed. That boy raised some serious hell for fifteen minutes or so after we left the room. He was screaming, “Mama, don’t leave me! Get me out of here!” Mama went back in to tell Chief Scampering Squirrel to lie down and be quiet. I was just about ready for a rubber room, but when she shut the door a second time, Scampering Squirrel gave up his protest and took a two-hour nap. When he awoke he was in a much, much better mood.

He and I went to Granny’s and played kickball and with his trains. I worked on his model railroad, too. I casted plaster rocks and hot-glued them to Max’s layout’s mountain while Max played with his Risky Rails Bridge Drop. Max helped me paint a portion of his track and he didn’t want to stop to go home. When he and I went back upstairs, Granny said she heard, “Daddy, Daddy,” about two hundred times. I think that’s only because she didn’t hear him every time. The boy can wear out his daddy.

We came home, Max and Mama played with Max’s wooden railway, they got their baths, and now we’re all piled in our bed watching Lady & the Tramp.

In closing, I’ll share that Max noticed when I turned off my iPhone’s alarm this morning. It’s light came on and Max said, “Look, Daddy. Your iPhone is making a shadow of the lamp on the ceiling.” That observation impressed me. He’d figured out cause and effect and explained it to me all on his own.