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Playing at Town Center Park & Visiting Southeastern Railway Museum

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We’ve had another day full of fun in Doddsville. After breakfast Max and I decided it was a good day to be outdoors with the weather’s being so cool, so we headed to the park. We decided to go to Suwanee Town Park. They have a great playscape. Max made fast friends with another four-year-old named Gage and they played hard for over an hour.

Our next stop was a caboose they have set up in downtown Suwanee. Max and I enjoyed climbing on it. We also took some really cute pictures while we were there.

I really surprised Max with our next stop. It was the Southeastern Railway Museum. He loves this place. We rode the big train and that was a lot of fun. We also toured the trains they have open for visitors. Before leaving we rode their small-scale passenger train.

On the way home my lil’ engineer fell fast asleep.

At Max’s request we’re enjoying the Polar Express movie.

Back Home Early; Trains; Suwanee Town Center; Visits from Granny, Mimi, & Grandpa

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The day started early. Grandpa called around 8:10 to check to see if we were up so he could bring Max home. He and Mimi had a breakfast to attend. When Max got home he was all about his trains. His excitement was rough at times. It got so bad that Daddy agreed to go Walmart. Going to Walmart is usually my job.

While Daddy was gone Spencer, one of Max’s new HO-scale engines, had a wreck. When Daddy got home he tried to fix it, but he lost Spencer’s screw when it went down one of our sink’s drains. Daddy wasn’t a happy camper. He took Spencer back to TrainMaster and Scott, the store’s owner, mended Spencer with a new screw and washer.

Max and I went out on errands this afternoon. We went to Office Depot, Five Guys for lunch, and Suwanee Town Center to play. Max was very well-behaved and we had a lot of fun. One other stop we made was at Walmart to pick out his Valentines for his classmates. He chose Cars 2 valentines. We also got some sprinkles for Valentines cookies we’d planned to make this evening.

Max took a nice nap when we got home. Granny and I went out to eat at the Outback while Max napped. She came back home with me so she could see her favorite grandson after his nap. Granny helped me get the cookies ready for us to decorate. Mimi and Grandpa came for a visit, too. We all enjoyed Valentines cookies.

We three have had a very long day, so we’re all about to turn in for a good night’s rest. We’re glad lil’ fellow is here to snuggle with us.

Trains, Catch Air, Meltdowns, Christmas in the Park

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Baybay slept a little late this morning, a little after 8:00 am, but he went straight to his trains. He didn’t want to watch anything on our media player or to drink his PediaSure. I wish I’d demanded it because it was rough trying to get awake and be present for him when he had four sticks of dynamite under his butt and I had lead balloons tied to mine. He melted down several times, but things got better when we headed to Catch Air to have some fun.

Max had a lot of fun at Catch Air. He played for nearly and hour-and-a-half, and he even got me to slide with him a few times. We played race-and-tickle for a few laps near the end of our stay and he was sweet when we left. He heard me wish the women at the counter a good weekend, and he tried to repeat me.

We picked up a pizza for lunch on our way home, but he ate only a couple of bites of it. He enjoyed a full bottle of PediaSure, though, and then began to meltdown. I played with his trains with him for about fifteen minutes and then took him straight to his crib for his nap. He threw a loud tantrum about going to bed, but it lasted less than three minutes.

He had napped for more than four hours when Mama went in to get him. The first thing he said was, “I want to go play trains with Daddy.” I wasn’t up for playing with trains, though, and let Mama field that one. She played with him for about half an hour. We talked him into going with Mama to Christmas in the Park at Suwanee’s Town Center Park, which is a gift to the community from Shadowbrook Church. Mama and Max had a lot of fun. There were a train, train tables, Christmas music, hot chocolate, cookies, and a Christmas village whose buildings offered activities for kids.

Mama stopped by McDonald’s on their way home to get the little fellow some chicken nuggets. Of course, after he finished his late dinner the first place he headed was his own train table. He enlisted my help in playing with him, and after I quit Mama filled in for a few minutes. I began writing tonight’s entry and Mama cut off playtime so they could get their baths. Baybay didn’t like that one iota and fell into crying and hitting me. I sent him to timeout for hitting, and from there he and Mama went upstairs for their baths.

I hope tomorrow is easier than today. After today got off to an unusual start, I never recovered my bearings. I expect to post more pictures here tomorrow.