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New Year’s Eve, Playdate with Max Mitchell

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We’ve enjoyed a pretty good last day of 2013. We took it easy this morning. I made breakfast for us and then we got ready for a playdate with Max Mitchell at Sky Zone. Max and Max had a good time. They jumped, jumped, and jumped some more. When we left Max began to meltdown. We had planned to visit the LEGO store, but with Max’s behavior leaving Sky Zone that didn’t happen. We came home and took a much-needed nap instead.

At 6:00 pm we started a special countdown to the new year. I made activity bags for Max to open on the hour from 6:00 pm until 11:00 pm. The bags included making a New Year’s craft, a party hat, playing a game with Grandpa, building a LEGO car, going to get doughnuts, having a dance party, and a big surprise! The big news was that we’re getting a puppy, a Shih Tzu named Marlie, in February. This evening we also shot off fireworks. Max loved that! And lastly, we’re watching Happy New Year, Charlie Brown!.

We’re planning to sleep late in the morning. Max has been so excited about the bags all night.

Fun times.

Bad Dreams, Breakfast at Granny’s, Sky Zone, Spending Night with Mimi & Grandpa

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Our lil’ buddy must’ve had bad dreams last night because he kicked and cried in the middle of the night. He was tired all day as a result of his lack of peaceful sleep.

After getting up this morning we went to Granny’s for breakfast. Max went straight for Granny’s old stationery and drew a lot of trains while we were there. When we left we came home and did a little housework before going to Sky Zone indoor trampoline park in Suwanee. Max had a blast once he got to jump. When we first got there the lights were out due to very bad weather. He jumped for an hour.

When we got home we had lunch and then took an afternoon nap. That was so nice. Mimi and Grandpa came home today and were eager for Max to visit. Max was happy to see them. He’s hanging his hat with them tonight.

Church, Sky Zone, Sugarloaf Mills, Spending Night with Mimi & Grandpa

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Max got up and went with Mimi and Grandpa to church this morning. After church Max and I went to play at Sky Zone. Max had a great time jumping, playing dodge ball, basketball, and jumping into the foam pit. He played for an hour. On the way to our next stop we noticed that Max had on his Sky Zone jumping shoes. When I noticed I said, “Oh no!” That must’ve scared him because he thought he was going to go to jail. Bless his sweet heart!

When we left we went to Sugarloaf Mills to get ice cream. While there Max rode the train and explored a few stores. We had a good time.

Our next stop was the grocery store. Before going in I reviewed our rule: we don’t buy things unless they’re on sale. Max has learned to spot the BOGO signs at Publix. I also got my lil’ partner in crime helping me gather Tetley tea coupons from the in-store coupon dispenser. He really enjoyed this.

Before heading home I dropped Max off at Mimi and Grandpa’s. He’s spending the night with them tonight.

Back on the Picture Trail

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We last shared images from our big camera last July. But here are fifteen to get things going again. There are four from Grandpa’s birthday party in South Georgia in July of last year, one of our little buddy having a good time at Sky Zone, and ten from his fourth birthday party:

Sky Zone with Alex, Lots of iPad Play, Visiting Granny

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Today was kind of unstructured but fun.

Max woke me around 8:40 this morning and I wasn’t ready to get up. Thankfully, he watched two or three episodes of Phineas and Ferb before I had to put my hiney in gear.

The little fellow wanted his play date with classmate Alex at Sky Zone to begin as soon as we got up, and whenever I tried to explain that our jump time didn’t begin until 12:15 pm, he melted down. He and I played games on his iPad and he was distracted until it was time to get ready to go. Then he was just as excited as he is on Christmas.

We met Alex and his nanny at Sky Zone and had a great time. Max wanted Alex to come home with him or to go over to Alex’s after their play date, but because prior arrangements weren’t made, that couldn’t happen. Poor little Max didn’t understand and fell into a whiney funk.

But from Sky Zone we went to Granny’s, and when he got to Granny’s, he perked up. We ate lunch and stayed with Granny until shortly before 4:00 pm and then came home so Max could take a nap with Mama.

After their nap Mama left to get dinner and Max and I played games on his iPad.

Mama rented Lilo & Stitch on Amazon Instant Prime and we’re watching the movie now. I despise the movie so far. So far it’s all negative and steeped with dark, inflammatory dialog. If it doesn’t improve, we’ll turn it off.

Max was upset at various points throughout the day because he doesn’t have anyone around his age to play with. But tomorrow he’s going to classmate Rylen’s birthday party and will have a great time.

Trains, Sky Zone, Granny’s, Struggles with the Potty

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I don’t know if Max would think today was good or not. He awoke with a lot of upper respiratory congestion. We watched Thomas & the Magic Railroad and played with Max’s trains. Max was really into this morning’s train play and had a meltdown when it was time to stop playing with his trains and start getting ready to go to Sky Zone, a really cool indoor trampoline park.

He had a great time playing at Sky Zone, and from there we stopped by Radio Shack to get some electrical jumpers for the wiring for his model railroad. Then we went to Granny’s for lunch, and that’s where things started to get tough.

We’re cracking down on Max’s potty training. He knows exactly how to use the potty, for both number one and number two, but he chooses not to. I told him that his trains would be in timeout for the rest of the day and he’d lose two stickers on his potty chart if he pooped in his big boy underwear, and that’s just what he did. I put him on Granny’s potty to let him finish, but he wouldn’t go. He said he couldn’t go, so I let him put on a pull-up diaper with the caveat that he’d lose his trains for tomorrow, too, plus lose two more stickers if he pooped in his diaper.

But before Mama could get him down for his nap, he had a really severe number-two that caused both of them to get early baths. I was at Granny’s working on the little fellow’s model railroad, but when I got home, I told the little fellow that he’d lost his trains for tomorrow and two stickers on his potty chart.

And that wasn’t the end of it. He made a number-two in his big boy underwear just before bed tonight. Mama put him on the potty but he wouldn’t go.

They’re asleep upstairs and I’m about to crawl into bed with them in a few minutes. I’m tired and frustrated and am looking forward to a successful outcome in the potty training business.

Fun at Sky Zone, Granny’s, & Mimi & Grandpa’s

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Max’s day was punctuated by a half-dozen timeouts at Granny’s, but it was dandy still. We got up shortly after 8:00 am, watched some videos, played with his trains, and headed out to Sky Zone.

Once we arrived at Sky Zone I was glad I’d reserved and purchased a jump time for Max much earlier this morning. There were at least three buses of daycares and one church bus of kids ready for some jumping action, too. The last time I took Max to Sky Zone without having a reserved jump time resulted in our being turned away because the facility was full.

Max stayed in the open-jump area only a short time, maybe fifteen minutes. The rest of his hour was spent at the foam pit. Today was my first time at the foam pit, and I don’t care for it nearly as much as the open-jump area. In the open-jump area you’re free to jump constantly for your whole jump time, but at the foam pit you have to stand in line and wait your turn. In the forty-five minutes Max and I were at the foam pit, he got to jump into the pit only four or five times.

I took pictures today and though I haven’t looked at them on a computer yet, I don’t believe I got anything decent. I’ve been working on his fourth-year photobook, and it’s filled with more than two hundred pictures of our little buddy, most of which are fantastic, even if I do say so myself. So after working with the crème de la crème of our images for the past couple of weeks, I was disheartened by whole bunch of duds on the back of the camera.

When it was time for us to leave, the little fellow wanted to have lunch in Sky Zone’s cafe, and when I denied his request, I had a meltdown on my hands. It lasted only until I got Max buckled into his car seat, and then we were happily on our way to Granny’s for lunch.

I enjoyed three tomato sandwiches with tomatoes grown by my uncle Larry. Max ate about half of a cheese sandwich, and then Granny and I let him have some cookies and ice cream. Granny suggested that he drink some milk with his cookies, but he opened her freezer door, smiled, and said, “Ice cream!”

At Granny’s the three of us watched The Polar Express. It was Granny’s first time seeing this movie, and she liked it. Max jumped on Granny’s bed and was rambunctious for the entire movie. We sent him to timeout a few times. I wish he’d jumped more at Sky Zone so he could’ve burned off some of his excess energy.

Mama was waiting for us when we got home after 5:00 pm. She and Max played for a short while before heading to Mimi and Grandpa’s and running an errand. They’re upstairs getting their baths as I write this, and we’re going to be going to bed shortly.