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Sky Zone, Lunch with Mimi & Friends, Lots of Train Play

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Max enjoyed another fabulous summer day. We started by sleeping in a little this morning. Once we got up we had breakfast and then headed out. We met a bunch of fellow Ivy Creekers and their kids at Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline facility. The kids had so much fun, and we all got to catch up. Max really enjoyed playing with Aiden. Aiden is going to middle school next school year and is quite a bit older than Max, so it was super-sweet for him to take up time with lil’ fellow. Max tried the foam pit at Sky Zone for the first time today and loved it. I got a video and we enjoyed showing it to Daddy.

Everyone was going to lunch, but Max and I weren’t able to join them because we forgot Max’s shoes. We stopped by our house and got Max’s shoes and then met Mimi, Renae, and Renae’s mother at The Olive Garden. Max was good for most of the time but got tired at the end. It was Max’s naptime when we got home.

Daddy worked on Max’s fourth-year photobook for most of the day.

Max enjoyed playing with trains when he got up. He built the coolest track in our living room. He spent a lot of time this evening playing with his wooden railroad on his newly built track.

We’re all about to turn in for the evening. It’s storming, so it’s great weather for snuggling with lil’ fellow.

Getting His Jump On at Sky Zone, Visiting Granny

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We’ve enjoyed a pretty fun day together. We got up a little before 9:00 this morning. Once we got up Max played trains and we got ready to go to Sky Zone. We were a little smarter this time by reserving a jump time before leaving home. When we got to Sky Zone there were a lot of people, but the crowd thinned out after a little while. That’s when we decided to purchase thirty more minutes of jump time. This was great! Max jumped constantly for one hour, so he was hungry when we left. And after that he was super-tired. He napped for four hours this afternoon.

I attended a funeral this evening and when I returned home we three went out to eat. Mimi and Grandpa were also at the restaurant. Max went from table to table. He really thought this was neat. When we finished our dinner we went to visit Granny. She was glad to see us. We showed these pictures to Granny and had some ice cream treats before coming home to start our bedtime routine.

We told Max that tomorrow was a holiday, so that means we have to sleep in. Let’s hope he remembers that in the morning.

Images from the Rest of May

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A dozen to complete our images from May: three from Max’s end-of-the-year picnic at his preschool, four of our little buddy in Mommy’s classroom, one of him at the fountain in Mommy’s school’s lobby, one of him at the Sky Zone, and three of him at the outside pool at Collins Hill Aquatic Center:

I believe our Disney pictures are up next, but it may be Thursday or Friday before we begin posting those, as we have 1124 images to pick from.

Fun at Catch Air, Staying with Granny

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I had a hard time sleeping this morning. I got up around 5:00 am. I went out and did a few errands and then came home and went back to sleep with Max. We didn’t get up until after 10:00. Max and I have our clocks set to summertime.

When we got up we went downstairs and played with Max’s trains. (I know, that’s hard to believe.) Daddy worked on the images below. Once Daddy finished we got ready to head out for some fun. We had lunch and headed to Sky Zone in Suwanee. When we got to Sky Zone we found that they didn’t have any available jump times until later, so we left and went to Catch Air. Max had a ball at there. We played for an hour-and-a-half before leaving.

It was way past naptime when we got back home, so we headed upstairs. Before Max lay down we watched the Berenstain Bears’ Christmas Tree. Mimi even stopped by for a minute to see us and drop off a present for me for my half birthday.

We tried to get Max to stay with Mimi or Granny tonight since we have to get up early for my LASIK surgery in the morning, but no dice. He did stay with Granny while Jaddie and I went out to dinner.

Max has been very hard to handle since we got home. He’s served multiple timeouts and lost the media player for the night. We hope he’s better tomorrow for Mimi.

Visiting Granny, Jumping at Sky Zone

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Baybay had another fun-filled day. We started our day around 8:00 am and watched Caillou until about 10:00 am. Then Baybay played with his trains while I got a few things done, and though I’d planned to carry him to Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park, this morning, it didn’t open until 3:00 pm. So we went to Granny’s and waited for Sky Zone to open. Max loves Granny. She was waiting for us on her porch when we arrived, and Max said, “I can’t wait to see Granny,” as I unbuckled him from his car seat.

I ran an errand for Granny and was a little late in getting back, and by the time Max and I were ready to go, Mama was leaving school and opted to go with us. It was fun, but Max is about the shortest height (forty inches) they’ll let on the regular trampolines. He had to learn not to jump in others’ squares, and it took him most of his playtime to learn. We opted to let him jump for just a half-hour because it was already far past his naptime, and that was a good decision. He melted down as we left, but he recovered within about five minutes. He didn’t want to leave but was deliriously tired.

On our way home we got dinner to go for Mama. Our little buddy said he was hungry Mama was about to have dinner, so she shared with him. Right after dinner they got their baths and took a nap. Mama thought she’d slip out of our bedroom without the little fellow in tow, but she was wrong. Max was on her heels down the steps and has been enjoying Cheez-Its, PediaSure, Thomas & Friends, and Caillou for the last couple of hours.

Now we’re about to lie down together and call it a day.