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Max’s 6th Birthday Party

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Today was the day of Max’s sixth-birthday party with friends at The Ice Forum. Friends Kayli, Joshua, Max M., Liam, Annabelle, Rylen, Erin Marie, Annie, Candi, Laura, Mackenzie, Mimi, and Grandpa joined us to celebrate the sixth anniversary of Max’s birth.

Quite a few of Max’s friends had never ice skated before, so we were glad the facility offered an introductory lesson for them. Just about everyone fell sooner or later, but no one was seriously injured. Max came home with light abrasions on the right side of his abdomen and a water blister or two on his feet, but he had a wonderful time skating with his friends.

The theme of Max’s party was The Polar Express, so that’s why they chose The Ice Forum for his birthday party venue. And a great place it was to beat the heat. The areas near the two skating rinks were very cool, even a little cold for some of Max’s friends. Max was bundled up in warm clothes, but they were all soaking wet from his many falls by the end of the party.

Max fell asleep on their way home and we almost didn’t let him go to Parents’ Night Out at Gymnastix this evening, but he demanded to go.

And that’s after going to Lowe’s this morning to build a robot puppet from the movie Monsters vs. Aliens, errands with Mama to gather things for the party, and to take Marlie to Granny’s. Marlie still can’t be left by herself without having potty-inducing anxiety, so we take her to Granny when we need a sitter.

We’re all tired, ready for bed, and hope to sleep late in the morning.

Max’s 6th Birthday

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Max's 6th birthday


Oh, it’s been a big day around here. Today was Max’s sixth birthday. Mama and I woke our little buddy by singing “Happy Birthday” to him. He was so excited and asked us to sing to him a second time. Mama pinned a button on the shirt he wore to school today to let everyone know it’s Max’s birthday.

Mama’s colleague Caroline surprised Max and her this morning at their car in the school’s parking lot with a very sweet birthday surprise for Max. In class Max got to choose a special lollipop because it’s his birthday, and he and others were wished happy birthdays on Ivy Creek’s closed-circuit television system all day.

I attended my first room parent meeting this morning. I found it mildly overwhelming. There’s a lot of stuff to remember. I don’t believe I could handle it without Mama’s help.

I joined Max at school for lunch today and Mama passed out cupcakes to his classmates. I’m thankful Mama joined Max and me at lunch because she made our rambunctious and hyper bundle of joy behave himself. He was running around and socializing with everyone he knew, which is a lot of people, and there were a lot of people stopping by to wish him a happy birthday. He licked the icing off of two cupcakes, ate part of his sandwich, and then it was time for him and his classmates to return to class.

When Mama and Max came home Max opened one of his presents. He chose the biggest one, which was a package containing four Thomas & Friends character engines. And then the waiting for the little party we had for him this evening began. “How much longer?,” he asked repeatedly.

Neighbors Stephen and Dale joined Granny and us with Mimi and Grandpa in their shop for a small party. We’re having his main party on Saturday at The Ice Forum. Mama let Max open his presents before eating and he got a bunch of them. He got more Thomas & Friends engines, a big Thomas set, a couple of smaller Thomas sets, a Hot Wheels set, a few Hot Wheels cars, and a lot of cash. Granny gave the boy some underwear, which he told Granny he didn’t like, but he said he didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Ha! The movie The Polar Express played on the television while we partied.

When we all got home Max wanted to build a Minecraft LEGO set, but we wouldn’t let him because it was getting late. They went upstairs to get their bath and Max watched the Thomas DVD The Birthday Express.

We’re late getting to bed, so I’m going to close for now.

Max’s Birthday at School

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Today was Max’s birthday celebration at school. Since his birthday is in the summer, they figure out a day to celebrate it during the regular school year. In honor of His Handsomeness’s fifth birthday he shared Curious George railroad cupcakes with his classmates. He even received two gifts—one from his class and one from his teachers. One was an ABC puzzle that he and I put together twice at Granny’s, and one was a memory board game that we haven’t had a chance to play yet.

The little fellow got going slowly this morning. I believe he didn’t get enough rest last night, or the quality of the rest he got wasn’t very good. But he was excited about going to school today because it was his day to celebrate his birthday and nothing was going to stop him from going.

While Max was at school Grandpa and I trimmed our shrubs at the front of our house. Grandpa trimmed while I carried the trimmings away. That was some awful work. I was perspiring and having a lousy time, but Grandpa didn’t mind it one bit. We’re still not done. There’s one shrub that’s grown beyond our reach and we still have to tackle it.

Mama came home early from school today with a cold and/or sinus infection. She slept all afternoon and went to the doctor early this evening.

Max accompanied Mimi and Grandpa to dinner with our friend and neighbor Renae and Renae’s mother. Granny and Mama were going to go, but Mama backed out due to not feeling well, and Granny backed out when she learned Mama wasn’t going. After dinner Mimi, Renae, Max, and Renae’s mother went to Krispy Kreme for Dress Like a Pirate Night and got a dozen hot doughnuts. Mimi tried to send those things home with Max, but I had to ask her not to. I just don’t have that kind of strength.

Since I picked him up from school he’s seemed tired, so we’re all about to hit the hay.

Max’s 5th Birthday Party

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This morning we hit the ground running to get ready for Max’s fifth birthday party. Max and I went to get party food and balloons. We had a snafu with the balloons. We lost one from the bunch and then another popped as I was closing the door. Luckily we had a lot of balloons.

We worked until party time putting on the finishing touches. Max was so excited. It was really hard for him to keep it calm. When the partiers started to arrive Max he got even more excited. Max had nine kids join him as well as a lot of adults. His friends included Alex, Rylen, Ethan, Graham, Liam, Max Mitchell, McKenzie, Delaney, and Elliott. Max also had another special guest Spider-Man. The kids really enjoyed him. He played games with the kids, helped with the piñata, and held superhero class.

Daddy and I were very impressed by the way Max greeted and treated his guests today. We are very grateful for his manners and for showing genuine interest in the people who came to celebrate his birthday.

Believe it or not, Max went to Parents’ Night Out at Gymnastix Training Center tonight. We can’t believe that he had enough energy to go, but he did. He told one of his coaches that he had a big party today in Grandpa’s shop. His coach inquired about the kind of shop Grandpa has, and Max’s answer was that it was yellow with windows.

Max is asleep between Daddy and me as I write this. Our little buddy’s sixth year is off to a wonderful start.

Max’s 5th Birthday

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Today was our precious boy’s fifth birthday. He has been waiting for this day for a very long time. When he got up his morning he was so excited. This morning we played around the house and Max received many birthday calls. This made him very happy.

Max spent the afternoon with Granny while Grandpa and Daddy finished installing Max’s new TV. While at Granny’s Max asked Granny to call Aunt Jean to have her wish him a happy birthday. This surprised Granny. Of course Aunt Jean was happy to wish Maxipoo a happy birthday.

After work I went to Sam’s to pick up Max’s special Titanic cake. I wasn’t pleased with the cake and they were kind and fixed it to my liking. I also picked up an Olive Garden salad and Costco pizza, Max’s favorite.

Tonight we had a pizza party with Mimi, Grandpa, and Granny. Max was so excited. I had the table decorated with Disney’s Planes tableware. Max loved this! All on his own during dinner he thanked us all for coming to his birthday party.

After cake Max was very excited to open his presents. He received a lot of Spider-Man stuff, Hot Wheels vehicles, Batmobiles, Legos, and, of course, a fifty-one-inch television from Mimi and Grandpa. He also received a lot of cards from many people. Max was so thankful for all of his gifts and said he had a great birthday.

And we’re very, very, very thankful for Max. He is the most precious boy on Earth.

Pictures from Max’s Actual 4th Birthday & at Buford Railroad Tracks

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Seven from Max’s actual fourth birthday and five from the railroad tracks in historic Buford:

Back on the Picture Trail

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We last shared images from our big camera last July. But here are fifteen to get things going again. There are four from Grandpa’s birthday party in South Georgia in July of last year, one of our little buddy having a good time at Sky Zone, and ten from his fourth birthday party:

Max’s 4th Birthday

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Max had a great birthday. We awoke early to snap his picture at 7:54 this morning. Then we watched Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked before heading to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta. Max had a blast playing there. He really enjoyed playing with train tables and the many other things they had to offer. We had lunch at the Varsity.

After cooking Max’s birthday cake we headed to Mimi and Grandpa’s for dinner. Granny joined us too. Max enjoyed blowing out his candles and opening his gift. He was very excited about his HO Percy and boxcars. Percy is another Thomas & Friends character.

Max got so many calls wishing him a happy birthday today. He was so sweet when he responded to calls with, “Thank you.”

Jaddie and I can’t believe our lil’ boy is four. Where did the time go?

We’re all watching Chipwrecked for the fourth time since last night, and we’ll soon turn it off so we can get some rest and get our week started off on the right foot.

Max’s 4th Birthday Party

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Max has had a great day! Today we had his pirate birthday. We’ve been busy getting ready for it most of the day. Max and Daddy did squeeze in some time to go to the train store. Max earned HO Bill, a Thomas & Friends character, for filling his potty chart. While at the train store Daddy secretly picked up a few other things for Max’s birthday.

Grandpa, Mimi, Granny, and I have running around getting everything ready for the party, which was began at 4:00 pm. Granny and I went to get Max’s pirate cake that we’re sure weighed more than Max. Poor Granny had to hold the cake all the way home from Sugar Hill.

Max was so excited and had a hard time containing himself. His excitement kept him from napping today.

Max’s party turned out great! He enjoyed quite a crowd. Aunt Mary and Cousin Bridget came up from South Georgia. Max had friends Hannah and Trinity come from last year’s preschool class. He also had Delaney, Bella, Rilee, Lilianna, Danielle, Cooper, Annie, and Erin Marie. Max had so much fun playing with all his guests, including the pirate.

We’re all tired and ready for a good night’s rest.

Images from Early May

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A dozen from early May: two from the Chattanooga Choo Choo, three from Day Out with Thomas, four from his birthday celebration at school (given early because Baybay’s birthday is in August), and three of his sand boat at Mimi and Grandpa’s.