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Ivy Creek Open House, LanierWorld

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Max slept until 8:30 this morning. When they got up they hung around the house until time for Ivy Creek Elementary’s open house. Max came to school to see his classroom and to meet his teachers. He’s been so excited about this day. When Max got to my room to visit me I was talking to a parent, and when I was done he was excited to be at school with me. Today we got Max his first Ivy Creek spirit wear. His new shirt says, “Watch out, kindergarten, here I come.”

This afternoon Daddy and Max went to LanierWorld. They had so much fun riding water slides, playing in the wave pool, and exploring the kids’ beach area. They also had fun playing on the giant water obstacle course.

Marlie spent the afternoon with Granny. All of Granny’s siblings and their husbands came to Granny’s this afternoon for a big dinner. Aunt Shirley cooked for everyone at Granny’s. We’re all tired and plan to sleep in tomorrow.

Images from LanierWorld

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Fifteen images from our June 29 trip to LanierWorld, the new name for the waterpark at Lake Lanier Islands:


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Baybay had a pretty good day, but it’s been another one that passed in a flash. I didn’t sleep well last night and was up from 2:00 until 5:00 am. When our alarm sounded to wake us to go walk with Grandpa, Baybay was the only one who was ready to boogie. Max and Mama watched the rest of Toy Story 3 this morning and we waited until it was too late to join Grandpa for a walk. I bet Grandpa shook his head from side to side as he walked. Mama and Max joined Grandpa at Bojangles for breakfast.

I showed Baybay a gift from one of Mama’s students, Raul, this morning. It was a large Thomas the Tank Engine track set by Tomy. The Tomy line of Thomas products has been discontinued, at least here in the US, but the track is similar to Fisher-Price’s TrackMaster line, and the engines are identical. Baybay was in awe of his new set, but his awe quickly spiraled into his being overwhelmed. He melted down, had a terribly runny nose, and he said his tummy hurt. I got him settled down for his nap shortly after 1:00 pm. He napped for about four hours and awoke in a much better mood. He was focused on his new Thomas railway, though. The first thing he said when I walked into our bedroom to lift him from his crib was “I can’t play trains.”

We made our first trip to LanierWorld at Lake Lanier Islands this evening. We played in the water park for about three hours and had a great time. I took 284 pictures but haven’t had time to look at a single one. When we left Max said, “I can’t go down slide,” “I can’t go beach,” “I can’t make sandcastle.” He’d just done all of those things, though, except build a sandcastle. (He got to play in the sand.)

I’d write more but Baybay is jumping up and down for me to finish today’s entry. He wants me to play trains with him, but he’s in for a little surprise: we’re going to bed. We’re exhausted.