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Nine from September

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Nine to finish September’s images. There are one of a deer in our front yard, three from Patriot’s Day at Ivy Creek Elementary, three from Elmo’s Super Heroes at Philips Arena, and two from Monkey Joe’s.

So-So Day Leads to Fun, Full-Blast Evening

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Mama didn’t win Teacher of the Year at her school, so we began the day with that disappointing news. She’s been in the final three on three occasions now, so maybe if she ever makes the final three again, she’ll win. Mama texted me the news while I was walking with Grandpa and Max at the mall, so I shared the news with Grandpa.

They went to Bojangles after our walk, and I went to get my allergy shots. When I returned to pick up Max at Mimi and Grandpa’s, both Mimi and Max were bundled up in jackets as Max played outside in the dirt and Mimi watched him. An ant or sand flea bit our little buddy on his right calf and he was distressed about it.

When we came home he said he wanted to play cars with the boys he played with last night. I thought that was sweet. He was irritable when we got home, and it was a challenge to placate him through lunch. I got him upstairs a little early, and we watched Day of the Diesels before I put him down for his nap.

Granny came over while the little fellow was asleep, and she was here when he awoke. He was excited to see Granny and put on a big show. Granny, Max, Mama, and I had dinner together and played with the little fellow for a short while before Mama and I took Max to Mama’s school for Patriot’s Night. Tonight’s event was held in remembrance of the terrible tragedies of 9/11.

Max was a wild man at Patriot’s Night. He sprinted around the playground, ran up and down hills, played on slides, and had a blast doing it all. We left when it got completely dark, but Baybay wanted to stay and keep on playing. He saw the big kids doing adventurous things like climbing on top of the slide tunnels, and he tried to imitate them. I wouldn’t let him because I was afraid someone might accidentally knock him off.

Mama and Max just got their baths and are watching one of the Toy Story movies upstairs. We’re going to see Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street gang at Philips Arena in the morning, so I hope we get a good night’s rest. I’m glad to have my favorite little fellow home tonight.

Images from Imaginations at Play & Mama’s School

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Three from our May 24 trip to the now-closed Imaginations at Play, two from Max’s trip to Mama’s school to meet her class, and one of the sweet burgers Mama made for our Memorial Day dinner.

The Rest of April’s Images

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Ten from Easter and the day before and five from Ivy Creek Elementary’s spring fling:

Time with Granny & Lots of Fun

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We’ve enjoyed a fun but busy day today. Max has served a handful of timeouts, but he didn’t throw any major tantrums and has been a happy-go-lucky little fellow just about all day.

He slept until 7:45 this morning, and after I changed his diaper and got him a bottle of PediaSure, I asked him what he wanted to watch. He chose Barney and we watched the whole video before coming downstairs and playing with his trains. We went to Granny’s and had breakfast. She kept him while I ran a couple of errands.

When I returned from my errands, I surprised him with Patchwork Hiro for his new wooden railway. He loved that. I asked him if he wanted a surprise, and it was so sweet to see his face light up and his eyes grow large as he tried his best to say surprise. He sprayed it more than said it, but he gave it four or five good tries.

It wasn’t long after I gave him Patchwork Hiro when he wanted to come home to give Hiro his maiden voyage on his new wooden railway. I made him a bottle of PediaSure mixed with milk and suggested that we go upstairs. He melted down but stopped short of a tantrum. I told him it was okay if he played with his trains a bit longer. I looked at the clock and gave him ten more minutes before making a second attempt to get him down for his nap. He picked up regular Hiro and Patchwork Hiro and headed upstairs.

He napped for about three hours before Becky got him up to go to her school’s spring festival. At first he didn’t want to leave his trains, but upon our many assurances that he’d have a good time and that there’d be a lot of other kids to play with, he went along with us.

And he had a great time. I loved seeing so many of Becky’s students and seeing them interact with Max. I heard from at least two parents who kidded Becky about how much she talks about Max at school. They hear all about our little buddy from their children, and that was a heart-warming thing for Papa Bear to hear.

Max got a hug from one of Becky’s favorite students, Karen, and when Max stood in front of a group of four elementary school-aged children who were enjoying cotton candy, they gave him a piece. Danielle, daughter of our friends Eddy and Jodi, gave him a piece of cotton candy at last Saturday’s Easter egg hunt. It’s fantastic that folks are being so friendly with Max.

We had dinner when we returned from Mama’s school, got our baths, enjoyed storytime together, and, just a few minutes ago, put Baybay to bed. He gave us lots of smiles after storytime and was happy to go to bed.

Becky and I are thinking of scooping him up on our way to bed.