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Ivy Creek Open House, LanierWorld

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Max slept until 8:30 this morning. When they got up they hung around the house until time for Ivy Creek Elementary’s open house. Max came to school to see his classroom and to meet his teachers. He’s been so excited about this day. When Max got to my room to visit me I was talking to a parent, and when I was done he was excited to be at school with me. Today we got Max his first Ivy Creek spirit wear. His new shirt says, “Watch out, kindergarten, here I come.”

This afternoon Daddy and Max went to LanierWorld. They had so much fun riding water slides, playing in the wave pool, and exploring the kids’ beach area. They also had fun playing on the giant water obstacle course.

Marlie spent the afternoon with Granny. All of Granny’s siblings and their husbands came to Granny’s this afternoon for a big dinner. Aunt Shirley cooked for everyone at Granny’s. We’re all tired and plan to sleep in tomorrow.

Gymnastics, Granny’s, Spring Fling at Mama’s School

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Max slept from about 9:30 last night until 8:35 this morning. We watched Mighty Machines and came downstairs to play Super Mario 3D World on his Wii U.

It wasn’t long before time to leave for Max’s weekly gymnastics class. Today’s class had a theme: the beach. All the kids wore their swimsuits and one of the things they did was play musical beach towels on the main floor of the facility.

From gymnastics we went to Granny’s. Max wasn’t hungry but I was, so I had lunch and he and Granny watched Nickelodeon.

I took the little fellow to Mama’s school shortly after 4:00 for Spring Fling. There were a bunch of things for the kids to play on, one of which was a fair-like spinning cup ride. Mama worked in concessions while Max played. Grandpa went to the event to see what Max was doing.

They went to Chick-fil-A for dinner, stopped by Mimi and Grandpa’s to pick up some of the toys Max won at the Fling, and came home exhausted. Marlie was glad to see them and put on a big tail-wagging show.

After their bath Max and Marlie played chase and Marlie stopped suddenly and tinkled just outside our bedroom. Max and I were both watching her at the time, but there just wasn’t anything we could do to stop it. It’d been just fifty minutes since she last made water, so it was surprising and disappointing to see her void in the house.

Max has a soccer game tomorrow, so we’re trying to shut down the house so we can all get some rest and enjoy the game.

iPad Games, Spider-Man, Granny’s, Patriots Day at Ivy Creek

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I don’t know how Max’s days could get any better. This morning we watched an episode of Phineas and Ferb while Max drank his PediaSure, and then we played games on his iPad and watched Spider-Man 2. There’s so much content on his iPad—over five hundred games, dozens and dozens of movies and videos, Netflix, PBS Kids, and thousands of songs. We get lost in it sometimes.

We were getting ready to go to Granny’s when Mimi called and asked the little fellow to go to the park. He had it in his mind to go to Granny’s, so that’s where we went. It wasn’t long before Mama asked us to meet her back at home so she could take Max to Patriots Day at her school and to enjoy his first campout. Mama and Max are going to sleep in a tent tonight on the playground at Mama’s school. She sent several pictures from the event and Max is obviously having a wonderful time with all of the other kids. They’re watching Disney’s WALL-E on a large inflatable outdoor screen. There are a lot of other activities for them, too. I’m sure Max is excited about going to school at Ivy Creek next year. He’s probably thinking every day is like this evening.

Mimi and Grandpa went out to see Mama and Max and took them dinner from Chick-fil-A.

The house seems mighty empty without their being here, but it is nice and quiet.

Proud of His Mama, Teacher of the Year

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’Tis been a big day for us all. Mama was named Teacher of the Year by her peers at Ivy Creek Elementary, a part of Gwinnett County Public Schools, here in Buford, Georgia. She’s made it to the top three, three times in the past, but this fourth time around was her lucky number.

I was unable to take Mama’s call when she phoned to tell me, and when I returned her call, a friend took the call and I was greeted by the sweet sound of Mama’s class singing a special song to honor their illustrious teacher. I phoned Grandpa and got his voicemail. I thought I’d be persistent and dial him back immediately. This time I reached him, but he was in the dentist’s chair. I’m certain he was glad to learn of his daughter’s high honor, though I feel bad for pestering him when he was trying to get dental work done.

She received a crown, a beautiful bouquet of fall flowers, sash, sparkly earrings, and many hugs from her students for winning her school’s top honor.

Mimi and Grandpa took us out to dinner this evening to celebrate. Many of her colleagues and our friends, family, and neighbors have phoned or texted to congratulate her.

Max learned of the news when I picked him up from school. He lit up and said, “Wow! I’m so proud of her!” I am, too.

We went to Granny’s from school and got to visit with Aunt Shirley for a little while. I ran an errand for Granny and while I was gone Max visited with Uncles Bill and Larry, too. I didn’t get to see Bill and Larry long before they all had to leave, but I’m glad to have seen them at all.

So things are great at Chez Max. We’re riding on a major high right now.

Mama is Teacher of the Year

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Congratulations to Mama, Ivy Creek Elementary’s 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year!

Max and I are so proud.

Mama’s Doing Better, Max Enjoys Spring Fling

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Another busy day is behind us. It’s been a pretty good one. Mama wasn’t able to be seen by her surgeon’s office at a time when she could be there, but due to the injection and oral antibiotics she received yesterday, she’s doing better. She’ll see someone from her surgeon’s office on Monday. He or she will take a look at the infection in and around Mama’s incision from thyroid surgery.

Grandpa put new brake pads and a new brake rotor on Mama’s car this morning. Once he took her car off his garage lift, I used his air compressor and a detailing tool to blast away carpet stains from Mama’s car. Then I filled her tank with gas, topped off the tank with a bottle of fuel treatment, and cleaned her windshield. I reckon she received full service this morning.

Max and I went to Granny’s early this afternoon. He threw a tantrum and lost his iPad for the rest of the day, but, like yesterday, his foul mood didn’t last long. We tried to fly his new kite at Granny’s but there wasn’t enough wind. The little fellow was sorely disappointed over his kite’s not flying, so I hope we’re able to get it aloft in the next few days.

Mama took Max to her school’s Spring Fling this afternoon. Mimi and Grandpa went, too, mostly to help supervise Max. Mama and Max ran a booth at the event for about an hour, and in exchange for his service, Max got to ride or use any of the attractions at the event without charge. He had a lot of fun. Grandpa said he’d never seen a boy run constantly like Max did. One of Mama’s students took Max under his wing and gave him the VIP treatment.

Max was interested in a martial arts demonstration in which boards were broken. He got to try it and somehow was successful in breaking a board. I can’t get my head around that one because the little fellow is only four-and-a-half years old.

Grandpa took Max to Wendy’s for dinner while Mimi and Mama went in a different direction. Max was asleep when Grandpa brought him home. He perked up very shortly, though, and is going pretty strong as I write this. He and Mama are upstairs watching a Thomas & Friends video.

Mama says our goal for tomorrow is to take it easy. That sounds like a good plan to me.

Tired But Well

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I don’t believe we use the adjective great to describe Max’s day, but he’s been shiny and bright more than he’s been otherwise. He spent the night with Mimi and Grandpa last night, I bet he didn’t go to sleep until really late—and that’s after not having a nap for two consecutive days.

Max and Grandpa had breakfast at Bojangles this morning, and then Grandpa carried Max to Granny’s. I was running late on an early-morning errand and wasn’t home. I picked up my little buddy at Granny’s, where he’d been hyper and obstinate and was serving a timeout when I arrived.

My plan was to take Max to the train store and return to Granny’s to work on Max’s model railroad, but by the time we left Granny’s, I could see that Max wouldn’t last long enough to return to Granny’s. We picked up a truss bridge and a couple of piers at the train store, Max played with the wooden railway tables, and he powered on a G-scale locomotive, which had a built-in smoke unit. The floor salesman and I had to locate the chuffing engine and figure out how to turn it off.

Max had his heart set on seeing a real train, which is common when we visit the train store. The store is located just a hundred feet or so from a Norfolk Southern mainline. But nary a train chuffed down the tracks while we were there.

When we got home Max said he was hungry, so I prepared a nutritious lunch for my best good buddy consisting of three flavors of Cheez-Its, one flavor of Goldfish crackers, and some Ritz crackers. Because I wouldn’t give Max his PediaSure with a nipple on the bottle, he wouldn’t drink any. I felt a little drained from enforcing the new rule that deprecates using nipples and succumbed to Max’s lobby to have me nap with him. After about an hour of napping with my buddy, I sneaked out of the room and went downstairs. It wasn’t long before Mama was home and we heard Max’s feet hit the floor. He was still tired. I did him a disservice by agreeing to nap with him. He’d slept much better if he’d been in his own bed, which is a crib inside our bedroom. He still sleeps with us every night he’s home—and will continue to do so forever if I have anything to do with it.

After his nap he and Mama went to Mama’s school for Patriot’s Night, where he got to play with lots of kids, jump inflatables, listen to a band, see a firetruck up close, and eat a snow cone.

It was too hot to stay at Patriot’s Night for the rest of the evening, so they went to Mimi and Grandpa’s, and from there the four of them went to the mall to walk around.

The three of us are in bed right now and Max is pleading with me to turn out the lights. Will do.

Images from the Rest of May

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A dozen to complete our images from May: three from Max’s end-of-the-year picnic at his preschool, four of our little buddy in Mommy’s classroom, one of him at the fountain in Mommy’s school’s lobby, one of him at the Sky Zone, and three of him at the outside pool at Collins Hill Aquatic Center:

I believe our Disney pictures are up next, but it may be Thursday or Friday before we begin posting those, as we have 1124 images to pick from.

Breakfast with Grandpa, Visiting Mama’s Classroom, Staying with Granny, Tuckered Out

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Today was more than Mr Baybay Man could handle. By the time Mama brought him home, he was asleep in his car seat and I took him straight to bed, which is where he still is as I write this.

He and Grandpa went to Bojangles for breakfast and after stopping by Walmart Grandpa brought him home. The little fellow played for a while and then said he was hungry and wanted some Cheez-Its. He sat in his highchair and watched Cars on his iPad.

I showed him a picture of a special treat Mama’s student Jayce brought for Max. It was a Toby (a Thomas & Friends character) Pez candy dispenser. Mama sent the picture to me in a text message. Max said he wanted to go to Mama’s school to get it, so I sent Mama a text to ask her if we could. She invited us to meet her students and we went to her school around noon.

Mama’s students loved ol’ Maxipoo. They overwhelmed him but he adjusted to it much better than he did last year. He was the star of the show and that seemed to suit him just fine. He once told Mama, “Be quiet now!” in front of her students. I bet they wondered why they can’t get away with stuff like that. Of course I took lots of pictures and will share those here in the next millennium.

From Mama’s school we went to Granny’s, where Mimi and Grandpa met me to help them load a refrigerator and furniture they had stored at Granny’s and are taking to South Georgia with them tomorrow. Grandpa and I were straining with the furniture and Max, from his Cozy Coupe, asked if he could help us. And when we first arrived at Granny’s, Max had to pick her a flower and present it to her as a surprise. Oh, bless his little heart.

He ran Granny pretty hard while Grandpa and I loaded stuff into his truck and trailer, and he was tired and cranky later in the afternoon but demanded to stay with Granny. Mama picked him up around 4:35 this afternoon, and I bet Granny was glad to be able to sit down and rest. She cleaned up two dirty diapers herself and I fielded one. I left Granny’s around 3:30 to come home and get a shower.

Mama and Max went to Walmart and then met Mimi and Grandpa for dinner. A strong afternoon thunderstorm set in and Mimi and Grandpa had to dart from dinner to home to cover the home furnishings they’re carrying to South Georgia.

Max was asleep when he and Mama arrived, and Mama and I are about to scoop him up and put him in bed with us.

Gee, when I first began writing today’s entry it was sounding like a woe-is-me piece in my head, but now that I’ve recounted the day’s events, I reckon it was a pretty good day for all of us.

Much Better Day, Reading Night at Mama’s School

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Today was the opposite of yesterday. While yesterday was brutal, today’s been smooth sailing. Baybay’s attitude made a 180° from yesterday. Today he was cheerful, positive, and cooperative.

He spent the night with Grandpa last night, and they discussed what Baybay wanted to be when he grows up. Baybay told me about this when he got into the van this morning to go to school. He wants to be a “wocket sens” (rocket scientist). After he finished telling me about his future occupation, he said he wanted to go see Mrs Eileen, Mrs Sarah, Parker, Andrew, Noah, and Hannah. He said he wanted to chase Hannah and Parker on the playground.

As we drove up his school’s driveway, he said, “Mommy’s at school. She’s a teacher. She’s teaching. Daddy, you [are]not a teacher. You [are] Daddy. Max [is]not a teacher. I’m Maximillian Jaddie Dodd, superhero Hannah and Parker.” I don’t understand that last part completely, but I get that part of his identity is being a superhero.

I had to go to work after I dropped off my little superhero. Thankfully, I didn’t run into any snags and made it back on time to pick him up. He was in a chipper mood even though he’d left his lollipop in the school. He’d chosen a lollipop from his class’s treasure box. I told him we’d get him one at home, and he seemed consoled. Of course, he didn’t forget it and asked for his lollipop as soon as we made it upstairs from our basement garage. I gave him one and he was happy.

We had lunch, played with Max’s trains for a short while, and then went upstairs to settle down for his nap. We watched part of The Polar Express, and then I put him into his crib. I told him that he had to get a good nap so he could go to school with Mama this evening. He was happy about that, and didn’t protest too much about taking his nap.

Tonight was Reading Night at Mama’s school. Max and Mama went to school in their pajamas and read books and enjoyed hot chocolate. There were a lot of other teachers and their children there for Max to see and interact with. The second part of Reading Night involved Mama’s giving a presentation, and she let Max stay with another teacher in the school while she presented. There was a train table in the room where Max stayed, so he had a great time.

Baybay came home in a great mood and immediately resumed playing at his own train table. He didn’t want to stop playing to have dinner, but after a moment he complied with our wishes and joined us in the kitchen for dinner.

After a couple of bites of a banana and a bite or two of his grilled cheese, he returned to his train table until he had to go upstairs with Mama to get their baths.

They’re finishing their baths as I write this, and Mama and I are looking forward to snuggling up with our favorite little superhero in a few minutes.