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Images from Imaginations at Play & Mama’s School

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Three from our May 24 trip to the now-closed Imaginations at Play, two from Max’s trip to Mama’s school to meet her class, and one of the sweet burgers Mama made for our Memorial Day dinner.

Imaginations at Play, “Help Daddy Play Trains”

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Max had a fun day today, and he’s spending the night with Mimi tonight. Grandpa is still in South Georgia looking after Great Grand. Great Grand continues to improve. Tomorrow she’s moving to a rehabilitation center in Lakeland, Georgia, that’ll help her get back on her feet. As soon as she’s back on her feet, she gets to go back home.

Max slept with us last night and snoozed right through Mama’s alarm at 6:45 this morning. He peeked over my head at 7:20, saying, “Daddy. Daddy.” He wanted his PediaSure, diaper changed, and Barney, and that’s just what he received.

When we came downstairs, I told him we had a surprise waiting for him. He went into our living room and looked around, and I told him his surprise was waiting for him in the kitchen. He went into the kitchen and found the neat gift bag and tissue paper with which Mama packaged his surprise. He got Thomas & Friends’s new DVD, The Birthday Express, which came with a wooden train whistle.

After playing with trains for a couple of hours, we went to Imaginations at Play for some fun. Max had a big time playing in the sandbox and with Imagination’s trains. I had to get onto him several times for taking others’ toys, and he served one timeout, but he was generally well-behaved and had a wonderful time. Except when it came time to leave. I told him when he had five minutes left to play, which was about an hour and fifteen minutes after we arrived. But when the time came to go, he ran all over the place like a Tasmanian devil. When we left I was holding Max with one hand and our camera with the other. He kicked so hard he lost a shoe and the manager asked if he was hurt. I told her that he just didn’t want to leave. So we went into the hallway kicking and screaming and continued our fit down the elevator and out to the car. When we got out to the car, he was still kicking and screaming and cried, “iPad! iPad!” We didn’t have his iPad with us, but if we had, I believe he’d have thrown it.

His tantrum was over by the time we got home. I got him some chips, Cheetos, a sub sandwich, and some PediaSure for lunch, and he ate most of everything except the sandwich. He finished his PediaSure and asked for more. Then we played with his trains for half an hour to forty-five minutes. When I told him it was time to go upstairs, he said he wanted to play with his trains, so I let him do that for another ten to fifteen minutes. On the second go-around, I got his PediaSure ready and he started another meltdown, but this one lasted only a couple of minutes. When I asked him if he was excited about watching his new Thomas & Friends DVD, he stopped balling and said, “Okay.” I let him have his bottle and he chunked it when we got to the top of the stairs. I told him not to throw his bottle and gave it back to him, and he threw it again. This time I held it until we got to our bed, and he whimpered and whined on our way to the bed. But once he was in our bed with his head against a silk pillowcase and a bottle of chock-it goo shoved into his kisser, he was happy.

We enjoyed Thomas’s new DVD, and at the end of the video when the Thomas theme song played, the little fellow said it was time for him to take his nap. I’m amazed that he said that. He threw a pillow with a silk pillowcase on it into his bassinet and said, “Mommy’s blankie.” I grabbed Mama’s blanket, and that caused him to cry, so I quickly took my hands off the blanket. He grabbed Mama’s blanket and tossed it into his bassinet. Then he asked for “Daddy’s blanket.” Even though I don’t sleep with it, he refers to the soft throw I sometimes use in the winter as my blanket. So I went into another room to fetch that blanket, put him and the blanket into his bassinet, and he napped for about four hours.

When Mama went in to get him this evening, he said he wanted to go downstairs to “help Daddy play trains.” How sweet! He came downstairs and played with his trains for a good while. Then Mimi came over to take him for the night. He had a meltdown when he left, and we asked him if he wanted to go with MImi or stay with us. He then motioned for Mama and me to go with him and Mimi. Mama went with them and when she left Mimi’s tonight, Max had eaten about fourteen pieces of fried okra and was getting a bath.

Becky wants me to take the little fellow to meet her students at school tomorrow. We may just do that.

I feel a little better than I felt yesterday and plan to work on pictures in the morning if Mimi takes Max with her to walk at the mall.

Images from Imaginations at Play

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Six from our December 29 trip to Imaginations at Play here in Buford:

Imaginations at Play, Meltdowns, Taking Down Tree, Cars & Trains, & Cars the Movie

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We’ve had sort of an up-and-down day today, but overall it’s been a good one. Max slept until 7:30 this morning, I went walking, Grandpa brought breakfast from Bojangles to Becky, Max, and me, and Becky, Max, Mimi, and I went to Imaginations at Play, a wonderful indoor play center near our home in Buford.

Max had a big time at Imaginations. Though the facility had an incredible train track, the little fellow was most interested in the giant sandbox. We stayed for about an hour-and-a-half, and Max spent most of that time at the sandbox. Our trip was positive until we left. Baybay threw a nasty tantrum on the way to the car because he didn’t want to leave. I had gone ahead and pulled the car nearer to the facility, and when I next saw Becky, Mimi, and Max, the little fellow was screaming, crying, and flailing his arms and legs. He pulled Becky’s hair, ripped off her glasses, hit Mimi, and hit me once he was in the car. Once we got him buckled in, he was still wailing, so we turned on a Barney music CD and within sixty seconds all was quiet.

Once we got home, we gave Max some lunch and put him in his PJs. We played with him for a little bit before he melted down again, and then we put him down for his nap. His nap lasted about four hours today, and when he got up, his mood was good for about ten minutes. Things went south fast. Baybay ended up serving four stints in timeout in less than twenty minutes.

That fourth timeout worked well, though. Grandpa came over and helped us take our Christmas tree down. I’m feeling kind of sad about getting rid of our tree. This Christmas was truly wonderful and the whole season had a joyous feel. Maybe we won’t wait until December to put up our next tree. Maybe we’ll follow our friends Jodi and Eddy and put up our tree right after Halloween.

It wasn’t long after Grandpa left before Max was irritable again. Surprisingly, he got down from my lap after finishing about half of his juice bottle and said he wanted to go to bed. I knew he meant that he wanted to go upstairs and watch something from our bed, so that’s where we went. The little fellow, Becky, and I watched a Barney video and about half of Cars.

The three of us came downstairs for dinner. Max watched Thomas & Friends and Becky watched something on TV about coupon shopping.

When the little fellow finished dinner, he came into the living room and watched his “Elf Yourself” JibJab video about a dozen times.

Then Becky gave our little buddy a bath and put him to bed. We were going to let him sleep with us tonight, but after his bouts of orneriness today, I think we’ll all have a better day tomorrow if Max stays in his crib and gets a good night’s rest. Like his daddy, he’s having sinus trouble, and could be impacting his sleep. His little lips are chapped because he’s been breathing through his mouth a lot more than through his nose.

It’s still been a good day. I bet I received a half-dozen hugs from my little buddy today, and I saw him hug his mama a bunch, too.