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Images from 4-Year Checkup, Home, Jaemor Farms, & School

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Completing last September’s images, here are two from Max’s four-year checkup with Dr Smiley, one from home, eight from Jaemor Farms, and one with his 2012–13 preschool class:

Doctor Visit, Lots of Play, Good Nap, Staying Home Tonight

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Even though Baybay and I are having upper-respiratory problems and Baybay even went to the doctor today for his, our day together has been peachy. I slept less than four hours last night due to my sinuses and sleep apnea, and when I was awake I heard our little buddy coughing a lot. When he was awaking this morning he coughed to the point of gagging. We took our little fellow to see Dr Cole at Gwinnett Pediatrics. She believes this is one of a series of colds but gave him an antibiotic in case of bronchitis.

Baybay has been well-behaved all day. There’ve been minor exceptions, but he’s been happy, playful, and affectionate almost every waking minute.

Grandpa brought breakfast from Bojangles to Becky, Max, and me this morning. Man, that’s awesome. It’s like we’re living on a cruise ship.

Max said two new words yesterday: animals and stuck. He’s said “stuck” several times today in proper context. He also said “cans” today when his mama told him she was opening some to make chili.

Mimi and Grandpa stopped by for a quick visit this evening. They were on their way to have dinner with friends Darrell and Candi.

Becky suggested taking Max to a New Year’s Eve event today, but by the time we got home from taking our little buddy to see Dr Cole and he got his much-needed nap, it was close to 5:00 pm. And given Max’s cough I don’t believe we wanted him to be outside for an extended time today. I believe his being outside all day yesterday aggravated his cough and related respiratory symptoms.

We three don’t have anything special planned for tonight. We might let Baybay bring in the new year with us, all asleep in our bed.

As for New Year’s resolutions, Becky and I are eager to lose weight beginning tomorrow, and I’d like to simply keep on keeping on with how things are going. We’ve shot a lot of wonderful images of our favorite little fellow this year, posting 522 of those right here on our blog, and given Max’s general well-being, I think we’re making good choices for him. What’s good for Max is great for Becky and me. We love sharing our lives with Max, and seeing him doing well fills us with joy.

Welcome, 2011! Let’s get it on!