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Granny’s 77th Birthday

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It was good having Max at home last night. We snuggled up this morning and he enjoyed sleeping while I rested. We watched a couple of Max & Ruby videos while he drank his PediaSure and then we dashed off to school.

He was a good boy at school today aside from being a bit “pouty” in the first half of his schoolday. As usual, we went to Granny’s after school. Today is Granny’s seventy-seventh birthday. Max sang “Happy Birthday” to her over the hands-free connection in the van on our way to her house.

This evening we had a little birthday party for Granny. Mimi and Grandpa came over and brought a pasta salad and slaw. Mama bought Krispy Kreme doughnuts and made butter beans and a chicken casserole. Dinner was delicious and afterward we played Halloween bingo for a little while. Everyone was a winner except for me, and I was the only one holding two bingo cards.

We gave Granny a battery-powered leaf blower so she won’t have to fight an extension cord when blowing the leaves off her front porch, deck, and walkway. Normally, she puts her birthday presents away, but she took this out of the box as soon as she got home and got it charging so she could use it in the morning.

Max has been a handful this evening. I can’t imagine a child any more hyper than Max. The boy was as stubborn as a mule when it came to eating dinner, but he was all over the candy corn and doughnuts. And then he was like a monkey on crack.

He and Mama are in bed, our sleep music is playing, and I’m about to join them.

It’s been a pretty good day.

More Images from Last Fall

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Two from gymnastics, seven from Zoo Atlanta’s Boo at the Zoo, five from Max’s preschool, six from the Southeastern Railway Museum’s Train or Treat, and one with Granny at her seventy-fifth birthday dinner:

Granny’s 76th Birthday, Good Day for Us All

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Max had a good sleepover with Mimi and Grandpa and was ready to go to school when I picked him up at Mimi and Grandpa’s this morning. He carried in goody bags for his classmates for Halloween and had a good day at school. He said a classmate “spanked” him in the face, but since he got a star for his behavior and didn’t get into any trouble, I suppose it wasn’t a big deal.

The little fellow and I went to Granny’s after school. Today is Granny’s seventy-sixth birthday and we had a birthday dinner for her at our house this evening, but since about 1:30 pm, Max has been making Granny’s day special. After he sat still for a haircut at Granny’s, I gave him a surprise he earned by filling up all the squares of his potty chart. It was the new Thomas & Friends TrackMaster train set. Aunt Shirley and Uncle Bill dropped by at Granny’s and gave Max a fantastic fishing toy, so our little buddy has made out like a bandit on Granny’s birthday.

Granny rode with Max and me to our house, and Mimi and Mama cooked a delicious dinner for all of us. Mimi wasn’t able to be here because she had a play to attend, but Grandpa stayed with us. After dinner Mama and Max carried Granny home, and when they returned they went upstairs to get their baths. As I write this, Max is watching Alvin & the Chipmunks from our bed, and I’m right beside him. He’s tummy-down in a fleece onesie and has a silk pillowcase wrapped around his neck.

He’s been pretty well-behaved today, especially considering that he hasn’t had a nap, and asked to go to the potty to sit down twice. I’d say he’s almost potty trained.

He enjoyed spending the night with Grandpa last night, but we’re glad he’s snuggling with us tonight.

He just now said out of the blue, “Daddy, I like laying with you.”

Good times.

Images from Southeastern Railway Museum, Granny’s Birthday, & Halloween

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Seven from Train or Treat at the Southeastern Railway Museum, two from Granny’s birthday, and twenty-one from Halloween:

We’re still two months behind on images.

Train or Treat at Southeastern Railway Museum, Granny’s 75th birthday

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Max and Grandpa skipped walking this morning, but they did have breakfast together at Bojangles. When Max came home he was toting “Bo” biscuits for Daddy and me. We had fun playing around the house before getting ready for the Train or Treat event we attended today at the Southeastern Railway Museum.

We dressed Max as an adorable engineer. He wore striped overalls, an engineer’s hat, and a red bandana. The event was packed with fun things for little train lovers to do. We got to trick-or-treat many trains, ride a train, and enjoy a fun hayride. We had so much fun and also got lots of great pictures.

Tonight we celebrated Granny’s seventy-fifth birthday with a family dinner at our house. We had great food and a fun time. Max helped Granny blow out her candle and open her presents. Max got Granny a soft baseball for them to play with at her house.

Daddy and Max are watching Toy Story 3 as I write this, and I’m about to join them. It’s been a fun and busy day.