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Last Day of School

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Ol’ Maxipoo had a big day today. Today was Max’s last day of school until September. Granny and I enjoyed an ice cream social with him at school. Poor Mrs Debbie, his teacher, got teary eyed when she addressed the class, and poor ol’ Granny followed suit. They were both blotting their eyes.

Max, Granny, and I went to her house after school, and I after having some lunch, I left him with Granny and came home. Mama picked him up after school and brought him home for a short nap.

This evening was the graduation commencement for Max’s pre-k. Max and his peers sang songs and put on quite a production. Mrs Shannon, their music teacher, obviously had been working hard with them.

After the graduation ceremony we convened in the gym for a slew of treats. Max received so much stuff from Mrs Debbie and Mrs Sheree, Max’s assistant teacher. They gave us a huge photo album spanning two-and-a-half books.

I came home after a short time in the gym and Mama and Max went to Chick-fil-A after the social in the gym. At Chick-fil-A Max ran into friend and classmate Kade. Max and Kade played on the indoor playground for a long time before heading home.

They finally got home around 9:45 tonight and we’re all tired and are about to call it a day.

Muffins with Mom, Granny, Bogan Park, Chick-fil-A

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Max had a great day. Mama accompanied him to school this morning for Muffins with Mom, a breakfast for the kids and their mothers. Max’s preschool also does Doughnuts with Dad, but Max mixed this year’s event because he was down with a cold. Mama was fortunate to be able to go with her favorite little fellow. She said she had a wonderful time. She received a plaque with Max’s handprint on it, and a cute flower made from construction paper with the following writing on it:

I love Mommy because …

  • We get flowers at Home Depot,
  • She plays Thomas and races cars with me,
  • She reads me stories at bedtime,
  • She takes me strawberry hunting,
  • We love watching Thomas movies.

Max had a good day at school and was privileged to choose a toy from his class’s treasure box. He chose a bright blue and white ball and was excited to show it to me when he got into the van after school.

We went to Granny’s and played a few games on his iPad. He was his usual rambunctious self and hit me on the mouth as he was trying to get up and cut both my upper and lower lip. I texted Mama and begged her to come get her monkey. She did and they went to Kohl’s. They got a plush fish and a set of Hot Wheels cars.

From Kohl’s they were going to Bogan Park, but Max fell asleep on their way. Mama brought our little buddy home and I toted him from her car in our basement garage to our top-floor bedroom. The Baybay Man is a baby no more. Whew! Of course he awoke in transit and had a meltdown over having to take a nap. Mama lay down with him, turned on his sleep music, and I turned on the air conditioner and came downstairs. Their nap lasted about ten minutes.

They decided to follow their original plan and head to the park. Max had a great time and played in the sand with a little girl. From the park they picked me up and we all went to Chick-fil-A for dinner (stopping by Burger King for a veggie burger for me). Initially Max was sad about not having anyone to play with in Chick-fil-A’s indoor playground, but eventually a little girl showed up and he had a great time. Then his buddy and classmate from last year, Noah, showed up and the fun compounded. Max must’ve spent the better part of an hour playing. Mama and I were content to watch him and follow our interests on our iPhones.

So we finally left Chick-fil-A, came home and got our baths and shower, and now we’re about to put a lid on the day. Mama’s already started our bedtime routine and Max is in bed watching Justin Time, his new favorite show, on Netflix.

Melting Down, Spring Program, Mama Deals with Infection

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Today was busy. I got a part at our local Honda dealership this morning to replace the piece that was scratched a couple of days ago and took it to a body shop for installation. The shop touched up a few spots on the van that’d been nicked in the course of 16,600 miles, installed the replacement garnish, and I was on my way home.

I picked up Max after school and, as usual, we went to Granny’s. He got tired and threw a tantrum at Granny’s, but his foul mood didn’t last too long.

Mama developed a knot below her left jaw that turned out to be a swollen lymph node. The node is swelling in response to Mama’s surgical incision becoming infected. We learned the specifics after Mama visited the doctor after school today.

She left the doctor so she could attend Max’s preschool’s spring musical program this evening. Granny, Mimi, Grandpa, and I joined them and watched Max put on a good show. He was wildly enthusiastic and did a good job singing. I took 192 pictures plus a few with our iPhone.

After the program Grandpa took Max to the school playground for a short play session, and then Max joined Mimi and Granny at Chick-fil-A for dinner and more play. The little fellow played on the restaurant’s indoor playground until after 9:00 pm, and they brought dinner home to a very hungry me.

They’re finishing their bath as I write this and we’re about to go to bed.

Too busy.

Trike Day, Easter Egg Hunt

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We enjoyed a better day today. Max awoke at 7:43 am, so we had plenty of time to watch Phineas & Ferb before school.

Today was Trike Day and the day of Max’s school’s Easter egg hunt. Mimi and I attended the little fellow’s Easter egg hunt and I took lots of pictures.

From the Easter egg hunt we went to Granny’s and played games on his iPad until Mama came to get him around 4:15 pm. Grandpa cooked dinner for them and Max enjoyed his fancy sandbox. Grandpa brought Max home around 7:00 this evening and Max and I played more games on his iPad. He accompanied me to get dinner and joined me in having dinner once we returned.

He and Mama have had their bath, read books, and now they’re watching Phineas & Ferb. Mama’s off from school tomorrow because of Good Friday, but I don’t know what we’re going to do yet.

We need to get the house shut down so we can enjoy tomorrow.

Max’s “Unbirthday,” Gone to South Georgia with Mimi & Grandpa

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So Max is fine after falling off of Grandpa’s golf cart last evening. He was asleep when he and Mama got home, but he quickly perked up and wanted to watch Phineas & Ferb.

I woke him this morning at 8:42, leaving just enough time to let him drink his PediaSure and get him dressed for school. He was in a pretty good mood, probably because he knew his class would be celebrating his birthday today. His real birthday isn’t until August 20, but since school won’t be in session then, they celebrate it at another time when school is in session.

And The Baybay Man thoroughly enjoyed what they call his “unbirthday.” He wore a crown and was so proud to wear it. He got to choose a special birthday present from the birthday box and he also received a present from Mmes Debbie and Sheree, his teachers.

Mama and I took pizza and snack cakes to Max’s school for his “unbirthday” party. We took pictures and will share them whenever we get that far along in our enormous backlog of pictures to be processed.

Max had a great time and Mama and I enjoyed seeing him glow from having so much attention focused on him.

But we had to let him go after school. He left for South Georgia with Mimi and Grandpa. He was eager to head south to visit Cousin Andrew, who’s a year and a month older than he. He’ll return on Sunday.

Aunt Mary came to Mimi and Grandpa’s house in South Georgia this evening and tried to get Max to go home with her. Max response was asking, “Is it Sunday?” He thinks he’s supposed to go somewhere different on Sundays.

Max is so precious and Mama and I are already grievously missing him.

The only bonus of not having our little buddy here is getting to watch All in the Family on our media player when we go to bed.

But even that isn’t as much fun as it was before Max was born. Now, our getting to watch our all-time favorite sitcom also means that our all-time favorite Baybay isn’t with us, which is where is supposed to be henceforth and forever more.

Oh, well. At least he’s having fun. He has nearly 250 games on his iPad to play with Cousin Andrew and I know they’ll have a blast. Mimi and Grandpa probably have their iPad, too, which means that both Andrew and Max can have an iPad to play with.

Parent-Teacher Conference

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Today was a good one, though it got off to a rocky start. Max complained about his toenail’s catching on the blanket, and when I checked it, it was torn and sticking straight up. It was barely connected to the rest of the nail, so I tore it off. It didn’t hurt my little buddy at all, but he was greatly disturbed that I tore off the hangnail without telling him first. He had a fit but calmed down after a few minutes of wailing. The little fellow was eager to get dressed for school and wanted to dress himself. He needed some help with fastening his jeans, but he could handle the rest.

After I dropped Max off for school I got my allergy shots and had little time left before meeting Max’s teacher, Mrs Debbie, for a regular conference. I was the last one scheduled for the day, so I didn’t know if Mrs Debbie was saving the best for last or if she needed the afternoon to report our little buddy’s academic and social development.

As it turned out, she didn’t order the conferences in any way and she loves Max. She says Max is very “social,” which Becky says means he won’t be quiet. She said he’s very cute and has a wonderful, albeit strong, personality. His progress report has Gs for “good” and Ws for “working on.” Mrs Debbie added some pluses and minuses into the mix, and I believe the little fellow got more Gs than Ws, though there were quite a few Ws in the mix. His fine motor skills are a sticking point for him, but he’s the youngest kid in his class.

I believe there were just three kids left in school when our conference ended. I hollered, “Max Dodd” in a deep voice and scared my little buddy as he was waiting for me to show up in the van outside. He turned around with a spooked face and grinned when he saw me. He said, “I didn’t know you were in my school, Daddy.”

We went to Granny’s and played games on his iPad, with Legos, and watched Sprout. Mimi and Grandpa returned from a nine-day stay in South Georgia, so I took Max to them from Granny’s. We met Mama at Mimi and Grandpa’s and she and I went out for dinner. We picked up our favorite snuggle buddy when we returned and are about to turn out the lights.

Against Mama’s advisement I purchased more games for Max’s new iPad tonight. When I told him about it, he looked as though he saw a ghost and said he was going to tell Mama. And he did. His innocent conscience just had to sing. Our boy is so sweet.

Good times.

Thanksgiving Feast at Max’s School

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It’s been a pretty good day. Aside from a minor meltdown at school and a major meltdown when we first got back home, Max has had a dandy day.

Today Max’s preschool hosted a Thanksgiving feast for all the students and parents and Mama and I were glad to go. Unlike in the two previous years Max has attended First Baptist Church of Buford’s preschool program, this year’s Thanksgiving feast took place in the gym. I believe it was an improvement. There was a long chow line but we had plenty of room and could see and chat with many people we knew.

We sat with Max’s friend Alex’s mother and grandmother. Alex is Max’s number-one train buddy.

All the kids were dressed as Native Americans and had special nicknames emblazoned on their tribal vests. Max’s was Chief Scampering Squirrel, Meghan’s was Princess Gentle Breeze, and Alex’s was Chief Thunder Bear. Mama and I believe Scampering Squirrel fits Max pretty well.

When the time came for students to go home, Max didn’t want to and had a minor meltdown. He didn’t want to leave school yesterday, either. The little fellow loves playing with his friends.

When we got home the three of us were going to watch something on our media player and then take a nap together. Since I didn’t sleep well last night, I was ready for a siesta. But Max began to meltdown over something I can’t even remember now and he couldn’t recover, so Mama decided Max would take a nap in his bed. That boy raised some serious hell for fifteen minutes or so after we left the room. He was screaming, “Mama, don’t leave me! Get me out of here!” Mama went back in to tell Chief Scampering Squirrel to lie down and be quiet. I was just about ready for a rubber room, but when she shut the door a second time, Scampering Squirrel gave up his protest and took a two-hour nap. When he awoke he was in a much, much better mood.

He and I went to Granny’s and played kickball and with his trains. I worked on his model railroad, too. I casted plaster rocks and hot-glued them to Max’s layout’s mountain while Max played with his Risky Rails Bridge Drop. Max helped me paint a portion of his track and he didn’t want to stop to go home. When he and I went back upstairs, Granny said she heard, “Daddy, Daddy,” about two hundred times. I think that’s only because she didn’t hear him every time. The boy can wear out his daddy.

We came home, Max and Mama played with Max’s wooden railway, they got their baths, and now we’re all piled in our bed watching Lady & the Tramp.

In closing, I’ll share that Max noticed when I turned off my iPhone’s alarm this morning. It’s light came on and Max said, “Look, Daddy. Your iPhone is making a shadow of the lamp on the ceiling.” That observation impressed me. He’d figured out cause and effect and explained it to me all on his own.

Great Potty Progress, Twubble at School

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Max slept until 7:45 this morning. Then he and Daddy watched Scooby Doo before heading out to school. At first Max didn’t want to go to school because he wanted to finish watching Scooby Doo.

When Daddy picked up lil’ fellow he was in good spirits, and they headed to Granny’s for lunch. While at Granny’s he asked to go to the potty three times. We think this shows great improvement. Max was rough with Daddy and Granny this afternoon. Daddy looked as if a Max truck had hit him when I got home.

Daddy brought Max to meet up with me at Mimi and Grandpa’s. He seemed to be in a great mood and was ready to play. He’s been with Mimi and Grandpa since late afternoon and they said he’s been good and has had a good time.

When I got home from Mimi and Grandpa’s I went through Max’s daily folder and noticed he had a red dot in his folder for today. This is not a good thing in Mrs. Debbie’s class. I called Mimi and Grandpa and they had a chat with lil’ fellow about following directions and keeping his hands to himself. Daddy will repeat this speech again in the morning on the way to school.

Mrs Debbie called this evening for our phone conference. Overall she believes Max is very smart but immature. We agree with her assessment. I shared with her our decision for Max not to go to kindergarten next year, and she thought that would be great for him. It would give him the chance to be the oldest, not the youngest, in his class.

It’s been a long day and Jaddie and I are about to enjoy a little All in the Family.

Celebrate Me Day

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Our little buddy has enjoyed a pretty good day. He awoke just before 8:00 am, had his PediaSure while watching Mighty Machines, and then we darted off to school.

Today was Celebrate Me Day for his class (and maybe more, but not for all classes), and Mama and I joined Max, his class, and the other parents at 11:45 am for the celebration. Max and his classmates sang a few songs and Max did a good job. He wasn’t distracted or silent, as he has been in the past. He sang along with everyone else today.

Max’s new buddy Alex wanted Max to come over to play with him today, and Max wanted Alex to come to our house to play, but Alex was with his grandmother, not his parents, so it we couldn’t get the logistics worked out for today. Alex wanted Max to play hide and seek with him, which is one of Max’s favorite games. I hope Alex and Max are able to get together to play. Max is desperate for a friend, and his not having any playmates leads to my feeling guilty about making him an only child.

After school Max and I went to Granny’s for lunch while Mama attended our friend Forrest Puckett’s funeral. Mr Puckett is our friend and neighbor Greg Puckett’s father, and he once sponsored a little league baseball team that I played on.

Max and I came home after a short stay at Granny’s so Max could get a nap. Mama, Max and I planned to go out for dinner and we wanted Max to have a nap. The little fellow’s nap did him a lot of good. He’s been chipper ever since he awoke. Dinner went well and Max got to play with this trains this evening for a short while. We all got our baths and now Mama and Max are waiting for me to join them in bed.

1st Day of Preschool, Potty at Granny’s, 4-Year Checkup

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Today was a great one. Max had a fantastic first day of preschool. When he got into the van after school, he told the woman who was helping him get settled into his car seat that he loved Mrs Debbie. And Max went on and on about wanting his new friend Alex to come to our house to play trains. Max got to see old friends Mayzie, Noah, and Meagan and his teachers from last year, Mrs Eileen and Mrs Sarah, on the playground.

After school we came home to gather up a train and a car for Max to carry to Granny’s. I had lunch at Granny’s, but Max didn’t want anything to eat. He ate almost all of his half of a peanut butter sandwich at lunch at school. Way to go Mrs Debbie and Mrs Sheree! He’s never eaten that well for us.

And Max pooped in the potty at Granny’s. He asked for his little potty and I told him that we didn’t bring it to Granny’s. I was very surprised by his going ahead and hoisting himself upon Granny’s potty and doing his business. Granny and I were so proud of Sir Maxcelot, and we got on the phone and on Twitter to make a big deal about it. For pooping on the potty, Max got to unwrap the big surprise we’ve had waiting for him for a good while—three ExactRail Southern Railway boxcars. Max was so excited to discover his surprise, and Mama and I were equally excited for him to receive it.

Mama picked up Max and me at Granny’s and we went to Gwinnett Pediatrics in Lawrenceville to see Dr Susan Smiley, Max’s pediatrician, for Max’s four-year checkup. Our little fellow is doing well, though he hasn’t put on a lot of weight this year. He weighs a scant 35 lbs, 4 ozs, and stands 40 inches tall, the 42nd and 40th percentiles for his age, respectively. Dr Smiley didn’t have a problem with his weight or height, but Mama and I were surprised by his light weight. He feels much heavier to us. Max had a wonderful interaction with Dr Smiley. We took pictures, but I wish we’d taken video, too. Dr Smiley was so sweet, as usual, and Max was a total ham.

At the beginning of the little fellow’s checkup, he got his finger pricked, which scared him more than it hurt him, and at the end of his checkup, he got five shots. Mama and I held him down while Dr Smiley’s nurse, Quickdraw McGraw, gave him all five injections in less than twenty seconds. Poor Max wailed but soon calmed down. He said, “She maked a hole in me.”

Max has been especially hyperactive today after school. He was very rough with Granny and me, but never mean-spirited. And he’s been rough with Mama today, too. It was surprising to see him go from being hyper to being asleep in Mama’s car on the way back to Granny’s from Dr Smiley’s.

He awoke when he and Mama got back home, though, and then he was ready to open his big surprise that he’d earned by pooping in the potty. When I came home I tortured him a bit more by making him wait for me to get our camera so I could take pictures.

It’s been a tired and lingering evening. We meant to get to bed about an hour-and-a-half ago because Max hasn’t had a real nap and needs his rest for a second day of four-year preschool that’s as good as his first. But now we’re about to turn out the lights and enjoy some time together. I believe he’s going to spend the night with Mimi and Grandpa tomorrow night, so I’m going to make sure I get extra snuggle time with my favorite little fellow tonight. We’re so proud of him.