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Last Day of Preschool

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Today was Max’s last day of preschool. Mama took him to school because it was also Muffins with Mom Day. Their breakfast went well and Max had a good last day of school. His teacher, Mrs Cyndy, brought him to the van after school and gave him a western-themed book bag packed with a bunch of cool end-of-the-year stuff, including a custom photobook and his diploma.

The photobook is awesome. I thought its cover featuring Max was cool, but I thought the inside of the book would be what all the other kids received. It wasn’t. It was focused on Max. What a bunch of time Mrs Cyndy put into the project! I don’t know how we can ever repay her. Seriously.

Mama decorated the Maxmobile’s interior with balloons and a celebration sign and the little fellow was excited when he saw all of that. We went to Granny’s, I had lunch, and Max and I played with his model railroad in Granny’s basement for a short while. I was ready to come home, but Max wasn’t, so he stayed with Granny. Mama picked him up around 4:30 pm and took him back to school with her, where Max was calamitous and unruly. Mama said Max crawled under her principal’s chair, tried to vote on a budget, and had a potty accident.

When Mama and Max got home, Mama’s face was chiseled and Max said she was “being mean.”

After dinner Max and I played Super Mario 3D World. The little fellow was ready to play more after his bath, but I let him play by himself because I wanted to write this. I’m sure we’ll get back to Mario together in the morning.

Up Early, Good Day at School, Haircut, Preschool Musical, Uncle Larry

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We’ve had a busy day. Max awoke at 7:42 this morning and said, “Daddy, go get my goo.” He was referring to his PediaSure. We watched Mighty Machines before I got him ready for school.

School went well, even though the little fellow didn’t have enough sleep last night. We went to Granny’s after school and Granny gave Max a haircut. Tonight was Max’s final musical program at First Baptist Church of Buford’s preschool, where he’s been going for four years, and we wanted Max looking like Max, not Maxine.

Mimi, Grandpa, and Granny came to see their favorite grandson sing. The program went well. Max looked a little tired during the performance, but he did well. I took a lot of pictures.

After the program we all went out for dinner. I got Uncle Larry to keep Marlie while we were gone. After dinner Max and I went to get Marlie and visit with Larry. Larry had a toot machine that he used to entertain Max. Max never knew it was a machine; he thought Larry was doing the real thing.

Max is asleep as I write this, and he desperately needed some rest. We all do.

Easter Celebration, Seussical! The Musical

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Today’s been pretty sweet. Mama took Marlie out this morning at 7:00, and when she brought her back in and put her back in bed with us, she licked my face for about ten minutes. It didn’t matter which way I turned my head; she figured out a new angle of attack. She finally gave out of sugar and fell asleep between Max and me.

I let the little fellow sleep late because it was nearly 11:00 last night when we turned off the lights. I woke him at 8:30 am and hurried him through drinking his PediaSure, watching an episode of Mighty Machines, and getting ready for school.

Mama, Marlie, and I met the little fellow at school at noon for his fourth and last Easter celebration at First Baptist Church of Buford. I was going to take Marlie to Granny’s but remembered only when it was too late. Mama told me to take Marlie in her stroller, so that’s what I did.

For the previous three years, his Easter parties at school have been outside, but today’s celebration returned to the inside of the church for lunch. I bet Marlie is one of only a few dogs who’ve ever been inside the church. She was a big hit, though. Everyone enjoyed petting and interacting with her, and she thoroughly enjoyed the attention.

From the Easter celebration Max and Mama ran a couple of errands and Marlie and I came home and enjoyed some peace and quiet. I washed the van late this afternoon and Mama and Max went to see Seussical! The Musical at the Buford Community Center. They dressed up and looked spectacular. I took a bunch of pictures of them before they left.

They went to Chick-fil-A for dinner and now we’re calling it a night. Max is exhausted is already in bed.

Triking Day, Time with Mimi, Grandpa, & Granny

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Today was Triking Day at Max’s pre-K. Kids brought in their tricycles, bicycles, and other multi-wheeled vehicles for a fabulous time in the gym. Mama and I joined our little buddy for his last Triking Day at pre-K. He had lots of fun and was really excited about his Mama’s being there. She took a half-day off from school to join the fun.

I left Max’s pre-K before Mama. She stayed behind to go with him to his classroom for a pizza party. She said the little fellow was enthusiastic about her being in his classroom. I bet he was. He knows that next year he’ll be going to school every day with Mama, and this year she’s Teacher of the Year for her entire school.

From school Mama took Max to Granny’s, where he stayed until Mimi and Grandpa picked him up. They went to Bogan Park and Max found one of his good friends from church, William, to play with. From the park they went to Mimi and Grandpa’s and Max and Grandpa played ball inside and outside of their shop.

Mama didn’t come home from school until after 6:00 pm, which means that even though she took a half-day off from school, she still worked a full day. She and I went to IHOP for dinner and Mimi and Grandpa continued playing with Max. When we arrived to pick up our little buddy, he was playing ball inside the shop with Mimi and Grandpa.

Marlie’s separation anxiety hasn’t improved. I put her in her crate while I went to Triking Day at Max’s school and she survived my ninety-minute absence without soiling her crate. I wasn’t so fortunate for crating her while Mama and I went to dinner, though. When we came home I had some cleaning up to do.

Marlie’s stroller arrived today and I paraded her through our neighborhood and took a bunch of pictures of her at Mrs Wigley’s house. Mrs Wigley has a large rock with a flat top in front of her home and the sun was just right for photographing our newest addition. Because her eyes are surrounded by black hair, I need an assistant to hold a reflector for me to shine some light on those precious brown eyes. Without a reflector it’s difficult to see her eyes.

Max just asked me to buy Minecraft for him, which is a block-based adventure game for his iPad. I was surprised by his knowing the exact name of the game. He frequently asks me to search for LEGO and train games, but he’s never asked for a specific game before tonight. Since he’s been such a fine and upstanding young boy these past few weeks, I granted his wish.

It’s time to shutdown the house.

Thanksgiving Feast at Max’s Preschool, Macy’s Pink Pig, LEGOLAND

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Today’s been extra sweet for our little buddy. Mama took the day off from school and went with me to take Max to school. Then we went back to Max’s school shortly before 11:00 am for his class’s Thanksgiving Feast. Max was a pretty good boy at the feast. Mrs Cyndy, his teacher, allowed him to take the class pet, Willow, a plushy horse, home with him for Thanksgiving break. Max is super-excited about having Willow with him. He’s whimpered several times since school began about someone else’s getting to take Willow home, but now it’s his turn and he gets Willow for about ten days.

After the feast Mimi, Grandpa, Mama, and Max went to Atlanta for Max to ride Macy’s Pink Pig. Willow got to ride, too. Max got to write a letter to Santa and they went to Pottery Barn Kids to find some Elf on the Shelf stuff.

They had dinner at Chick-fil-A, stopped by the LEGOLAND Discovery Center at Phipps Plaza, and returned to Buford shortly before 8:00 pm.

The little fellow melted down at bedtime, though, because he was so tired.

He’s asleep as I write this, but I’m about to join him and Mama upstairs for what I hope turns out to be a good night’s rest for us all.

Max’s Birthday at School

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Today was Max’s birthday celebration at school. Since his birthday is in the summer, they figure out a day to celebrate it during the regular school year. In honor of His Handsomeness’s fifth birthday he shared Curious George railroad cupcakes with his classmates. He even received two gifts—one from his class and one from his teachers. One was an ABC puzzle that he and I put together twice at Granny’s, and one was a memory board game that we haven’t had a chance to play yet.

The little fellow got going slowly this morning. I believe he didn’t get enough rest last night, or the quality of the rest he got wasn’t very good. But he was excited about going to school today because it was his day to celebrate his birthday and nothing was going to stop him from going.

While Max was at school Grandpa and I trimmed our shrubs at the front of our house. Grandpa trimmed while I carried the trimmings away. That was some awful work. I was perspiring and having a lousy time, but Grandpa didn’t mind it one bit. We’re still not done. There’s one shrub that’s grown beyond our reach and we still have to tackle it.

Mama came home early from school today with a cold and/or sinus infection. She slept all afternoon and went to the doctor early this evening.

Max accompanied Mimi and Grandpa to dinner with our friend and neighbor Renae and Renae’s mother. Granny and Mama were going to go, but Mama backed out due to not feeling well, and Granny backed out when she learned Mama wasn’t going. After dinner Mimi, Renae, Max, and Renae’s mother went to Krispy Kreme for Dress Like a Pirate Night and got a dozen hot doughnuts. Mimi tried to send those things home with Max, but I had to ask her not to. I just don’t have that kind of strength.

Since I picked him up from school he’s seemed tired, so we’re all about to hit the hay.

Back to School

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Max had a great day and a fantastic start to his school year. I accompanied Max to school this morning for what they call a split-session. Half of the kids and their parents attend for an hour, and the other half of the kids and their parents attend for a different hour. Split-sessions ease the transition into going to school.

From school we came home and took out the trash and watched Spider-Man. I was glad to sit on my bottom and watch a movie with my favorite little fellow.

Then we went to Granny’s. Grandpa came over to install her new central vacuum unit, a new household electrical outlet, and repair the reverse and brake lights on her car. He did all of that—and it was hot—and he said he wasn’t feeling well and hadn’t eaten all day. I helped him and was soaking wet from perspiration by the time he was done.

Mama came over to Granny’s after school, picked up Max, and took him to a Lego mini-build workshop. She stayed for about two hours and Max gave her a hard time when she was ready to leave. Today was Mama’s late day at school. She leads an instructional meeting after school on Tuesdays and doesn’t get to leave until about 4:30 pm. I wouldn’t have considered taking him anywhere after working a long day, but Mama did.

Neither Mama nor I slept well last night. We had a little fellow trying to root under us for part of the night. We woke Max in the middle of the night to ask him to roll over so Mama would have more room, and he rolled over all right, right under me, making it impossible for me to move without disturbing him.

So we’re looking forward to a better night’s sleep tonight. And since our little buddy has a full school day all on his own tomorrow, we’d better get these lights off soon.

Long Day, Mrs Wigley’s Pond, Granny’s, Max’s Preschool’s Open House

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It’s been a good day but a long one. I awoke at 6:50 this morning and sneaked out of bed to chat with Mama for a minute before she left for school. But as soon as she wheeled out of our garage, our little buddy came downstairs. I should’ve insisted that we go back to bed to sleep, but instead I gave him his morning bottle of PediaSure and let him watch something on our media player.

He and I went to Mrs Wigley’s pond to skip a few rocks. I haven’t done that in at least thirty years and it’s more difficult than I remember. Max didn’t have much success, but maybe we can get more practice when cooler weather settles in. He and I were both soaked from perspiration as we walked back to the van from the pond.

Then we went to Granny’s. Granny treated me to Japanese for lunch. If it hadn’t been so hot, I would have really enjoyed it. I gave up trying to cool off at Granny’s and came home for a shower while Max stayed with Granny.

I returned to Granny’s shortly before 4:00 pm and Mama soon joined us. Max stayed with Granny this evening while Mama and I attended his preschool’s open house. We met his new teachers, one of whom he enjoyed last year, Mrs Sheree. His new teacher is Mrs Cyndy. There are sixteen kids in his class and he won’t be the only Max. He’s “Max D” this year because there’s also “Max T.”

I’m leaving out a lot of other details from the day because I’m running behind in shutting down the house.

More Images from Last Fall

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Two from gymnastics, seven from Zoo Atlanta’s Boo at the Zoo, five from Max’s preschool, six from the Southeastern Railway Museum’s Train or Treat, and one with Granny at her seventy-fifth birthday dinner:

Images from 4-Year Checkup, Home, Jaemor Farms, & School

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Completing last September’s images, here are two from Max’s four-year checkup with Dr Smiley, one from home, eight from Jaemor Farms, and one with his 2012–13 preschool class: