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21 Images to Complete 2012

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Yes, that’s right. 2012. I’m behind.

Visiting Fernbank Museum with Max Mitchell

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After getting up we got ready to go to Fernbank in Atlanta with Max’s friend Max Mitchell. We went to Max’s house and rode with them. We enjoyed the ride together. Max and Max watched Letter Factory on our ride to Fernbank.

At Fernbank they are still celebrating Christmas. They had Santasauraus for the kids to get their pictures made with. While there we saw To the Arctic IMAX. It was a really cool show about Arctic animals.

We really enjoyed seeing all the exhibits. They had a wonderful exhibit about the regions of Georgia and the animals that inhabit them.

Max and Max were tired on the way home. Max Mitchell fell asleep and Max Dodd had very heavy eyes. When we got home Max and had a quick snack and then we took a long nap together.

When we got home Daddy was home. We three had dinner and now Daddy is reading our special fellow bedtime stories. Then we’re going to call it a day.