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Images from Early May

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A dozen from early May: two from the Chattanooga Choo Choo, three from Day Out with Thomas, four from his birthday celebration at school (given early because Baybay’s birthday is in August), and three of his sand boat at Mimi and Grandpa’s.

Day Out with Thomas

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Baybay had a good time this weekend but was a royal pain in the butt for Mama and me. Our little buddy was obstinate, irritable, contrary, and demanding. I believe he was over-stimulated and tired, and I don’t know how those variables can be improved for our upcoming Disney vacation.

Max seemed like he enjoyed what we were doing, but he was wound up so tightly and was difficult to contain. Instead of exhibiting affection and warmth, he was aggressive and selfish.

And there were a bazillion more just like that at Day Out with Thomas. Kids were lying down on the asphalt—kicking, crying, and screaming—while parents threatened going to their cars, leaving, and spankings.

I don’t even want to analyze why my little buddy behaved the way he did this weekend. I’m just glad its over.

If our Disney vacation is as intensely negative as this weekend’s overnight trip to Chattanooga, Mama and I won’t make it back.

On a positive note, Max recognized his name in a TitleMax sign on our way home and pointed it out to us.

To a better tomorrow…


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Today’s been another big day for Maxipoo. When we got up we got ready to head to Chattanooga to stay at the Chattanooga Choo Choo. We’re here for Day Out with Thomas, and we’re going to ride Sodor’s number-one tank engine tomorrow. Our ride up here was rather short. We stopped for a late lunch and then made it around 4:00 pm.

Max has been so over-stimulated and irritable. He’s never good when his schedule changes. Jaddie and I have thought several times that we should head back to Buford.

When we got in our room Max picked up the phone and said, “Grandpa, I come see you. Then I go see Granny.” We thought that was cute.

We are staying in a Victorian passenger coach. We’re not sure what to think. It’s old-timey and a little rickey, but Max thinks it’s cool and that’s what matters.

One thing the Chattanooga Choo Choo has is a nice pool. We three enjoyed it. That was nice and refreshing.

Tonight we had dinner in a dining car. That was pretty cool. We had some yummy pizza. After dinner Max and I played in the gardens. They had a beautiful gazebo, a climb-on locomotive, and plenty of places for a three-year-old to run.

We’re all about to head to Sleepytown in our passenger coach and dream about riding Thomas tomorrow.

South Georgia, Mother’s Day, Day Out with Thomas

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Five from South Georgia, one from Mother’s Day, and twelve from Day Out with Thomas in Chattanooga, Tennessee:

Day Out with Thomas

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We got up at 7:00 am this morning and got ready to go ride Thomas the Train. Max woke up happy because he knew where he was heading. His good mood wouldn’t last throughout the day. We think he has a cold like Daddy.

When we got to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum we quickly spotted Sodor’s number-one engine. We had 9:00 am tickets to ride Thomas. We were on the number-three car. Max was touch and go with his mood for the short ride. He even had to serve a few timeouts while aboard Thomas. When we got off of Thomas we joined in the many fun activities they had. We visited the petting zoo, where we got to feed very hungry goats. At first Max was scared of the way they forcefully at out of our hands, but he came around. We also visited their inflatable train jumpy a few times. They also had a cool area set up with train tables, train stamps, and temporary Thomas & Friends tattoos. Max picked a Salty tat. I almost asked for one myself because they were so cute.

Another thing we got to do was meet and take our picture with Sir Topham Hatt, the controller of the Sodor Railroad. Max gave him a high-five and of course Daddy got Max’s picture with Sir Topham Hatt. Before leaving we visited their Thomas gift shop. We bought Max a souvenir T-shirt, a couple of souvenir “Day Out With Thomas” wooden trains, and a wooden Spencer. Max already has most of the items offered by the event’s gift shop.

Overall, we had a great time, but I wish Daddy and Max had been feeling better. We’re thinking of doing it again next year if Max is still into Thomas & Friends.

Max slept for less than an hour on our way home and was ready to play trains when we arrived. We watched a little Barney, got a bath, and then Max went to Mimi and Grandpa’s to spend the night. Jaddie and I are hoping to turn in early.

In Chattanooga for Day Out with Thomas

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Grandpa, Daddy, and I didn’t get home from the airport until 3:00 am this morning, so we slept in. Mimi kept Max, and he came home around 11:00 am. We played for a while before he fell asleep. He was supposed to attend a birthday party but was tired and very irritable, so we put him down for a nap and he slept through the party. Max slept for four-and-a-half hours. When he got up we headed to Chattanooga to be up here to ride Thomas the Tank Engine in the morning at Day Out with Thomas.

When we got to Chattanooga we went downtown to find some dinner. We walked around for a while and then decided to take a carriage ride. That was fun! Our carriage driver, David, gave us a dinner recommendation. He suggested a pizza place called Lupi’s. The pizza was excellent!

We’re turning in for the night and look forward to a fun day with Thomas tomorrow.