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Max’s 8th Birthday Pictures

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Better late than never, right? Tomorrow is Max’s ninth birthday.

Becky’s done a great job of posting pictures of Max on her Facebook account.

New Hot Wheels Set, Magic Show, Pool Fun, Mario Kart 8

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Max enjoyed another busy, fun-filled day. Max and Mama went to Toys"R"Us to get a new Hot Wheels track set. They came home and put it together and Max played with it for a while. Mama found a magic show taking place at nearby Collins Hill Library, Max said he wanted to go, so they took off. After the magic show they went to the Collins Hill Aquatic Center for more fun in the sun. Mama said they enjoyed the outside pool’s lazy river and made a bunch of laps around it.

While they were gone Marlie and I ran a few errands. She went inside with me to Home Depot and Target. We bought Mario Kart 8 at Target and Max and I enjoyed playing it this evening.

We all just got our bath and shower, Max is watching a Tom and Jerry video, I’m about to take Marlie out, and then we’re going to bed.

Fun at the Pool

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We slept until around 9:00 this morning and I got up and cooked breakfast. I got Max to eat his eggs by telling him he needed them for energy at the swimming pool today. He spent the morning asking me, “How much longer until the pool opens?” We were waiting for the pool at the Collins Hill Aquatic Center to open. Surprisingly, the pool closest to us, the one at Bogan Park, is closed until September for remodeling.

Max and I stayed at the pool for about three hours. He went down the little slide about a hundred times. Oh, he had so much fun. He played with a six-year-old boy. They chased each other and had the best time. I know Max will be pestering me about going back as soon as possible.

We came home and took a short rest before Max got ready to go fishing at Mrs Wigley’s with Grandpa. He wore his shirt that says, “Daddy’s Best Friend,” but he said it should say, “Mommy’s Best Friend,” too. He and Grandpa were going to meet a twelve-year-old boy who fishes at the Wigleys’ pond almost daily, but they couldn’t get Max’s reel working in time. They took the reel to neighbor Stephen, who fixed it. Grandpa says they’ll try again tomorrow. Max is spending the night with Mimi and Grandpa tonight.

Jaddie and I are about to tune into All in the Family, but we miss our little buddy.

Here’s our little buddy just before we got into the pool:

Max, eager to swim.

Images from the Rest of May

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A dozen to complete our images from May: three from Max’s end-of-the-year picnic at his preschool, four of our little buddy in Mommy’s classroom, one of him at the fountain in Mommy’s school’s lobby, one of him at the Sky Zone, and three of him at the outside pool at Collins Hill Aquatic Center:

I believe our Disney pictures are up next, but it may be Thursday or Friday before we begin posting those, as we have 1124 images to pick from.

Lots of Fun at the Pool

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We all got up around 8:30 this morning. Max and I watched Caillou before heading downstairs. Max played by himself for a while this morning, which was a welcome surprise, but it wasn’t long before he talked Daddy into playing HO trains with him.

Max and I took it easy for most of the morning, and Daddy polished our van. When he was done we all headed out for a fun afternoon at the pool. Today was the first day the pool opened for the summer. We went to the Collins Hill Aquatic Center. They have a great outdoor pool. It has slides, tunnels, and a lazy river. Max had a lot of other kids to play with, which was nice. When we left we were all hungry. Max asked to go to Granny’s, but Daddy and I were eager to get home.

Max I enjoyed a nap together this afternoon. I could’ve slept longer, but Max got me up. When we came downstairs we all had popsicles.

As I write this the fellows are upstairs and I’m about to join them for the night.