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Pictures from Max’s Actual 4th Birthday & at Buford Railroad Tracks

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Seven from Max’s actual fourth birthday and five from the railroad tracks in historic Buford:

Children’s Museum, Granny’s, Nap

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Max had a pretty good day. I took him to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta this morning and we stayed until about 1:00 pm. He had a great time. His favorite activity was playing with the lunar sand. He made volcanos and what looked like biscuits. He even took a bite of sand he’d caked together. I’m surprised he isn’t sick. He was well-behaved and I look forward to taking him again.

After visiting the Children’s Museum we went to Granny’s. I figured the little fellow would fall asleep in the van on the forty-minute ride home, but he never did. He was sleepy, though. He watched one of the Cars movies on his iPad on our way to Granny’s. After lunch Max asked to watch Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, so we watched it on Granny’s media player.

I left Max with Granny at 3:50 pm. Mama was going to pick him up soon, but she locked her keys in her car and had to get a ride home. She and I ran an errand and then I took her back to school to get her car. She went to Granny’s and picked up our little buddy. He was asleep when they arrived home and finished his nap on the sofa with our cat, George. Today’s nap lasted almost an hour. When he awoke he sleepily gazed from the sofa toward the deck and then sauntered over to me, piled up in my lap, and had the book Just Me and My Mom read aloud to him on our iPhone.

Mama and Max were supposed to fly to Jacksonville, Florida, on Saturday to be with Cousin Andrew and aunts Ann and Martha for the weekend, but Mama booked their flights for the wrong date. Changing their flights would have cost three times the cost of the flights Mama booked, so Mama decided to cancel their trip.

And the first estimate for repairing our driveway is for $7,000, but since we share a driveway with our neighbor, we’ll bear half the cost.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Max’s 4th Birthday

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Max had a great birthday. We awoke early to snap his picture at 7:54 this morning. Then we watched Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked before heading to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta. Max had a blast playing there. He really enjoyed playing with train tables and the many other things they had to offer. We had lunch at the Varsity.

After cooking Max’s birthday cake we headed to Mimi and Grandpa’s for dinner. Granny joined us too. Max enjoyed blowing out his candles and opening his gift. He was very excited about his HO Percy and boxcars. Percy is another Thomas & Friends character.

Max got so many calls wishing him a happy birthday today. He was so sweet when he responded to calls with, “Thank you.”

Jaddie and I can’t believe our lil’ boy is four. Where did the time go?

We’re all watching Chipwrecked for the fourth time since last night, and we’ll soon turn it off so we can get some rest and get our week started off on the right foot.

Images from the 1st Week of April

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Fifteen images from the first week of April: eight from the Children’s Museum of Atlanta and seven from The Fringe miniature golf facility in Roswell.