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Easter Celebration, Seussical! The Musical

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Today’s been pretty sweet. Mama took Marlie out this morning at 7:00, and when she brought her back in and put her back in bed with us, she licked my face for about ten minutes. It didn’t matter which way I turned my head; she figured out a new angle of attack. She finally gave out of sugar and fell asleep between Max and me.

I let the little fellow sleep late because it was nearly 11:00 last night when we turned off the lights. I woke him at 8:30 am and hurried him through drinking his PediaSure, watching an episode of Mighty Machines, and getting ready for school.

Mama, Marlie, and I met the little fellow at school at noon for his fourth and last Easter celebration at First Baptist Church of Buford. I was going to take Marlie to Granny’s but remembered only when it was too late. Mama told me to take Marlie in her stroller, so that’s what I did.

For the previous three years, his Easter parties at school have been outside, but today’s celebration returned to the inside of the church for lunch. I bet Marlie is one of only a few dogs who’ve ever been inside the church. She was a big hit, though. Everyone enjoyed petting and interacting with her, and she thoroughly enjoyed the attention.

From the Easter celebration Max and Mama ran a couple of errands and Marlie and I came home and enjoyed some peace and quiet. I washed the van late this afternoon and Mama and Max went to see Seussical! The Musical at the Buford Community Center. They dressed up and looked spectacular. I took a bunch of pictures of them before they left.

They went to Chick-fil-A for dinner and now we’re calling it a night. Max is exhausted is already in bed.

Gymnastics Class, Elf on the Shelf Dinner

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Today’s been a good one. Max awoke at 7:50 am and told me to go get his PediaSure. I believe what crossed his mind is his elf, Alvin, and what Alvin might’ve brought him. Alvin had decorated the toilet on our main floor with, “Merry Christmas, Max! Love Alvin.” Alvin also tinkled in the potty without flushing it, leaving the water bright green. Max was wide awake when he spotted Alvin.

We returned to our bed and watched Zig & Sharko. Max built a LEGO spaceship and we watched part of a Star Wars movie before heading to his weekly gymnastics class.

Class went well, we dropped by Chick-fil-A to pick up some lunch for Max, and we took it to Granny’s. I ran an errand for Granny, she kept Max, and Mama came to Granny’s after school to pick up her favorite little fellow. He fell asleep on their way home and I carried him from the car to the sofa. He was asleep until overheard my telling Mama about a movie that included a tooting dog. He popped right up and wanted to know more details.

Max and Mama went to the Lawrenceville Historic Courthouse this evening for an Elf on the Shelf party, and then they went to Suwanee for Christmas in the Park.

They finally got home shortly before 10:00 pm and we’re about to hit the hay.

Polar Express at Buford Community Center

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We all slept in this morning. Yesterday was too much fun! When we finally got up we stayed around the house playing cars and trains. We also watched The Elf Story, since Alvin will be headed to our house tomorrow. We can’t wait!

This afternoon Max stayed with Mimi and Grandpa and helped Grandpa with a water leak. I’m using the word helped loosely. When I picked up Maxipoo we headed to the Buford Community Center to see the lighting of the tree and the movie The Polar Express. The movie was shown outdoors, so it was quite cold. We had a great time and got to see Santa for the second day in a row. Max also got his picture made with the Scrooge. We cuddled under a big blanket to watch the movie on a giant screen. We had a blast. Poor Daddy missed it. He was working with a client.

Tonight Max and I put together a LEGO train he got yesterday at Stone Mountain. It took a while. LEGOs and I don’t get along too well.

We’re about to call it a day. We can’t wait until Alvin comes tomorrow.