Staying on Green All Day at School, Curriculum Night

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Well, I reckon I can write today’s entry since Mama has had such a full day. She’s been involved with school stuff since about 7:15 this morning. Tonight was Ivy Creek’s Curriculum Night, which I attended as a parent for my first time. Mama’s done this nineteen times before as a teacher.

Max stayed on green all day today, and we’re very proud he exercised the self-control necessary to accomplish that. I told him he could buy some games for his iPad, and he tried to find some, but he soon was bored with searching and began playing Minecraft Pocket Edition, his current favorite game.

Grandpa and I did some work at Granny’s this afternoon. Grandpa put a new float valve in her toilet, trimmed shrubs, pulled up tomato cages in the garden, and fixed a switch in a fluorescent light fixture in her basement.

I picked up Max from school and took him to Mimi and Grandpa’s. I had to get ready for Curriculum Tonight and Mimi and Grandpa took the little fellow to Sonny’s for a grilled cheese. Granny kept Marlie all afternoon and I picked her up after Curriculum Night.

Mama said she saw Max’s class walking by in the hallway today at school. Max had already passed by, so he didn’t see her. Classmates at the end of the line spotted Mama, though, and informed her they knew her “brother.” That made Mama feel pretty good because it wasn’t long ago when someone asked if she was Max’s grandmother.

We need to turn out the lights here at Chez Max so our little buddy can have another great day at school.

Daddy’s 45th Birthday

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We got a little scare when we woke up this morning. The clock said it was 7:33 am, and that’s way past when we’re supposed to be at school. Thank goodness the power had gone off last night and messed up our clock. We were fine.

When Max got up this morning he ran downstairs to wish Daddy a happy birthday all on his own. We thought that was sweet.

Max had a yellow day at school. That means he got a warning. Mrs Banks said he’s doing fine and just learning the boundaries.

Tonight Mimi, Grandpa, Max, and I took Daddy out for his birthday. We went back to Granny’s for cake and ice cream. Max got Daddy a basketball for his birthday. We played for a while at Granny’s before coming home.

We’re all about to call it a day around here. One week from today Max will be six years old.

A Little Better Behaved Today

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Max got up well this morning. We got to school in plenty of time but were short one book bag. That’s right, we forgot Max’s book bag this morning, which included his lunch. Daddy looked everywhere but couldn’t find it to bring to us. Max had to buy a lunch today. Maybe we’ll do better tomorrow.

Today Max had better behavior. He got on yellow, which is a warning. This was an improvement from yesterday’s red. Max had to sit out for a few minutes on the playground. I was out with my class and had saw Max’s serving his timeout .

After school staff kids gathered in the gym. Max had a big time playing hockey. When we got home he played Wii U bowling with Daddy. Mimi and Grandpa stopped by for a visit. We headed to bed early tonight. We’re looking forward to a good day tomorrow, which is Daddy’s birthday.

In Trouble at School

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Max was ready for school when I picked him up at Mimi and Grandpa’s this morning. We got to school in plenty of time. I saw Max around lunch today and then again on the playground. Lil’ fellow got on a red apple today, which means he got into trouble, and lost his recess. I guess he wants to learn the hard way, like Daddy always does.

After school we stayed only for a while and then came home. Daddy wasn’t happy with Max’s news. Tomorrow if he’s on a red apple he will have everything in timeout. Let’s hope for a better day tomorrow.

Max went to Mimi and Grandpa’s this afternoon and they played baseball and made arts and crafts.

Tonight we read stories, watched Max and Ruby, and now it’s lights out for the Dodds.

Church & Spending Night with Mimi & Grandpa, Uncle Larry’s 75th Birthday

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Max got up and went to church with Mimi and Grandpa this morning. When church was over he wanted to go to Granny’s. He stayed with her for a while and I picked him up after running a few errands.

This afternoon we went to Uncle Larry’s to see him on his seventy-fifth birthday. Max wanted to give him one of his dollars, which we thought was very sweet. Max carried his bat and ball to play with Uncle Larry, but that didn’t last long. Lil’ Buddy stepped in an ant bed and ran for the house. Uncle Larry said he’d never see anyone run that fast. As an added surprise, we got to see Uncle Bill and Aunt Shirley.

Max and I enjoyed a nice Sunday afternoon nap today. When we got up we played Wii U bowling with Daddy. Not long after that Max headed out with Grandpa for the night. Before leaving he gathered up a lot of his trains to carry with him. Daddy and I will miss our lil’ buddy tonight, but are about to enjoy All in Family.

Lowes Build and Grow, Wii U Sports, Parents’ Night Out

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Max and Mama went to a Lowe’s Build and Grow Kids Clinic this morning and built a Monsters vs Aliens trolley car. Then they went to Hobby Lobby, where the little fellow bought a wooden steam engine that he painted himself. It looks pretty good. They put eyes on the front and painted it black and red.

Max stayed with me this afternoon while Mama helped Mimi host a bridal shower for Julie Davis, daughter of our good friends and neighbors Jimmy and Sue.

Max played with his trains for a short while and then we played Wii U bowling and baseball for the rest of the time. He kept talking about going to Parents’ Night Out tonight and how much he loves going. Parents’ Night Out is an organized and physically oriented social activity for kids, and it hasn’t been held in about six weeks.

I was glad to see Grandpa show up on the golf cart to pick up the little fellow so I could have some quiet time. In about an hour he and Mama returned home and in a few minutes they left to take Max to Parents’ Night Out.

I picked up Max tonight and he’d had a great time. He got to play with his good friend Kayleigh, whom he invited to his birthday party. On our way home he asked me to tell him about every time I got into trouble in school from the time I was a baby until I graduated from college. I came up with a couple of instances that weren’t too bad to reveal to him, but I definitely didn’t want to tell him about my time in high school.

We’re about to turn in for the night.

Another Good Day, Visiting Mimi, Grandpa, & Granny

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Max was easy to get up and going this morning. He had a good day at school and stayed on a green apple all day, which means he was fairly well-behaved. I popped in the lunchroom and had lunch with my favorite Ivy Creek student. He was so excited to have me join him for lunch.

When we left school we went to visit Mimi and Grandpa. Max was so excited to learn they Costco pizza for him. We stayed with Mimi and Grandpa for a while before coming to pick up Daddy and Marlie to go to Granny’s. Max and Marlie stayed with Granny while Daddy and I went out for dinner.

Max is very tired but he won’t admit it. We’re hoping to sleep late in the morning.

Good Day at School, Trains, Wii U Bowling, Building Hideout

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Max had a pretty good day. He was better about getting up this morning. When we got going we made it to school just in time. He was the first student in Mrs Banks’s class this morning. She asked him to pass out the morning work and he did, but he didn’t understand when she asked him to do his morning work. He told her that he did it yesterday, and he wilted when she told him he had to do it every morning. Mrs Banks thought that was cute. I didn’t see Mr Max all day, but when he got to my room this afternoon he was so excited to let me know he stayed on a green apple all day, which means he was well-behaved.

My grade level planned math this afternoon, so we stayed late. Max got to play with other staff kids and loved it. He said he loves Ivy Creek.

When we got home Max got busy building his trains on the living room floor. The boy loves trains. We also played Wii U bowling and Max’s skill has improved significantly. His two top scores today were 169 and 167.

Tonight in our bedroom Max built a cool hideout out of blankets. He decorated the inside like a house. Inside he put a watch, picture of him and Dad, and a basket of books. Daddy and I thought it was so creative.

We’re about to head to bed. Max is looking forward to Saturday and Sunday.

Second Day of Kindergarten Not So Good

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Today was tougher than yesterday. Max didn’t want to get up this morning and was in a vile mood. Mama texted me to let me know that his attitude improved once they arrived at school.

Today was Max’s second day of kindergarten and he brought home a yellow face, which isn’t good. He could’ve brought home a green face, which is what he earned yesterday, or a red face, which means we can expect a phone call from his teacher. So it wasn’t too bad, but it’s not something we want to see.

Mama had me pick up Max at school so she could do some planning with her grade level. He and I went to Granny’s. The little fellow was obnoxious and earned a timeout and then dug even deeper. I put all of his toys in timeout for the rest of the day. He fell asleep in the van on our way home, so I’m sure he’s exhausted. He fell asleep for the night about twenty minutes ago.

Mama stayed upstairs in our bed with him until just now, but after I take Marlie out, we’re going to join Max and hope for a better day tomorrow.

First Day of Kindergarten

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Max didn’t sleep well last night. We think he was a little nervous about his first day of kindergarten. We put out the “jitter glitter” Mrs Banks gave us at open house. It was supposed to help calm Max’s jitters about kindergarten.

When we got up this morning it wasn’t hard to get Max going. He was so excited. We snapped a few pictures and then headed out. We stopped by Granny’s to drop Marlie off and take a few more pictures. Daddy came to school with us this morning.

We stopped by Mrs Banks’s room for more pictures and then headed to my room. Daddy took Lil’ Fellow to class this morning and then went to a meeting for kindergarten parents at our school.

It was so cool today when I took my kids to the bathroom and my little Maxipoo was there, too. He was so surprised to see me. When his classmates saw him hug me, they said, “Who’s that?” He said proudly, “My Mommy.” It warmed my heart!

Max loved kindergarten and got a smiley face on his first day! Yahoo! Only 179 more smiley faces needed!

Mimi and Grandpa picked up for their favorite kindergartener some Costco pizza for dinner and also gave us money to go get ice cream to celebrate our first day of school.

We’re in the process of getting his school year off right with going to bed early, so we’re hitting the hay.