The Cast of

Max, Baybay, Meanie Butt, His Handsomeness
Maximillian Jaddie Dodd
Mama, Becky
Becky Dodd
Daddy, Jaddie
Jaddie Dodd
Donald Baldree
Geneva (Pevie) Baldree
Joyce Dodd
Buford, Georgia, USA. Max, Becky, Jaddie, Mimi, and Grandpa live five driveways from each other in the same subdivision. Granny lives about five-and-a-half miles from the rest of the cast. Mimi, Grandpa, and Granny are retired, Becky is a second grade teacher at Ivy Creek Elementary, which is located about four miles from home, and Jaddie works mostly from home.

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Hi Jaddie,
Do you still work on Macs?  I have referral for you.  Please call me (***) ***-**** ASAP.  Thanks.

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