We, Jaddie and Becky, are Max’s parents. After more than a year of trying to create our little fellow naturally, we turned to the Emory Reproductive Center in Atlanta, Georgia, for help. We were fortunate to conceive on our first trial of in vitro fertilization.

Becky and I met in high school, began dating after we graduated, and wed while attending the University of Georgia in 1991 . We’ll celebrate our twentieth anniversary in March 2011. We were married for more than seventeen years when Max was born.

Becky’s a second grade teacher at Ivy Creek Elementary here in Buford, Georgia, and I do various things related to computers, graphic design, and photography.

Becky’s parents, “Mimi” and “Grandpa,” live five driveways away, and my mother, “Granny,” lives 5.7 miles away. We’re the five-person staff that cares for Max.

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Love that you said you have a 5 person staff for Max. Every baby (and cat too) should, and most do, have a staff. Y’all take care. —-  Sandy

It’s great to hear from you, Sandy. I was just thinking of Gary earlier today. Does he plan to attend the March 25 seminar?

Hi Jaddie its lashae. Glad to hear you and becky had a baby boy. That is such great news. I too have a little man who is turning two in november. They change your whole life for the better. I wanted to see if you could shoot my pictures again. I never did nothing with the first ones and since then Ive lost alot of weight and sizes. I want to pursue an agency but I want updated photos of me. My email address is dolphinfin@hotmail.com. Please let me know if you are willing to be my photographer again. Sincerely, lashae

I’ll be glad to help you in any way I can. I’ll contact you tomorrow.


I was researching on what photo book companies would be the best. I was looking for something that wasn’t, well, “user friendly”. I wanted to do all the work myself and not have to use the included cheesy templates that are available. So I found Blurb. It’s great, it let’s me use ID. Somehow I stumbled on your blog and saw that you were offering a download of your PDF that was used. I didn’t know how to directly email you, so I figured you’d get this message. 
A little bit about myself:
I”m looking for site to make a photo book to print pictures of when I was in Kadena Air Force Base,Okinawa, Japan
Anderson AFB, Guam
Hickam AFB, Hawaii
and now (currently) in beautiful Kandahar AB, Afghanistan. 
So, I can’t wait to see what these pictures are going to look like on paper, but first I’d like to see how it’s done, and viewing your example will give me a head start. 
-Jesse L

I’m not sure if you’re able to see my email address. However, just in case it’s…

Thanks for contacting me. I just emailed you a link to a PDF version of Max’s book.

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