Aunt Ann’s 60th Birthday, Scoring in Soccer, Building with LEGOs, Halloween Fun

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It’s been a very busy month. Max’s behavior landed on more green than yellow and red. We’re proud of his behavior in general but we still hope for fewer reds.

At the beginning of October we took a trip to Seacrest, Florida, for my aunt Ann’s sixtieth birthday. We all stayed in a luxury home right on the beach. Max really enjoyed playing with his cousins at the beach, and Ann had a great birthday.

Max has been busy playing soccer. He’s become quite the soccer star. He makes numerous goals per game. His team, the Green Lanterns, counts on him each week. He has two more games this season.

We’ve also been busy building. Max went to Lowe’s this month and built a haunted house. It’s really cute. We keep it on our mantel for decoration. At the beginning of the month we went to a LEGO mini-build, where Max made an awesome Frankenstein. It’s on our mantel, too. Also, we participated in another mini-build at Toy"R"Us. It was a Star Wars plane.

Daddy and I got new iPhone 6 Pluses when we returned from the beach. It has been a little bit of an adjustment in getting used to their much larger size.

Halloween has also been in full swing around here. Max is going as a knight this year. His costume is so cool. He has a shield, sword, and hammer.

We went to a fall festival last Sunday and this Sunday. Each event had games and Trunk or Treat. We also went to Trek or Treat in Suwanee on Saturday with our friends Max Mitchell and his mother, Mrs Tanya.

Another fun annual event we attend is Train or Treat at the Southeastern Railway Museum. Max had a blast again this year riding the train, trick-or-treating in the old train cars, riding the hand cart, and decorating a pumpkin.

At school Max had his first Fund Run. He enjoyed running around the track at school with his friends. He also raised $40 for our school’s technology initiative.

Mimi bought Max roller skates and he’s been busy practicing with him. Mimi and Grandpa have been taking him to Mrs Mary’s, where it’s flat. He’s already come a long way.

Max has been learning a lot of sight words. He’s made it through his first whole list. He’s been constantly telling us how to spell words. He’s also been reading to us and using great reading strategies. It’s great to see his progress so far. I had my first conference with his teacher and my friend and colleague, Mrs Banks. She said he’s doing well but sometimes has trouble staying on task. He got his first report card, too. He had all Ss. (S denotes satisfactory.)

He’s spending the night with Mimi and Grandpa tonight and Daddy and I will see him in the morning.