“Proactive,” Lost 1st Tooth, Busy Having Fun

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It’s been a very busy two weeks. First, a little from two weeks ago. On Monday and Tuesday of two weeks ago Max had to move his apple’s worm to yellow for talking and being disrespectful. That Monday Max and I went to Chick-fil-A after school, and on Tuesday Daddy took him to soccer practice.

On Wednesday Grandpa picked up Max from school. Mimi and Grandpa got home from their trip late Tuesday and were ready to see Maxipoo. They brought him back a cute Snoopy shirt and a moose hat. They played at Mrs Mary’s, who has a much larger and flatter yard than we have.

When we were getting our bath Max talked about being proactive and how he was going to be proactive and get on green the next day. And he did! When we got home from school on Thursday he and Daddy played Super Mario 3D World.

On Friday of last week Max checked out early from school for Buford High School’s homecoming parade. Mimi and Grandpa took him and he had a blast. They collected a large bag of candy. That afternoon Mimi, Max, Mrs Renae, and her mom dressed up as pirates and went to Krispy Kreme for free doughnuts. After that Max, Daddy, Marlie, and I went to Ivy Creek for Patriots Night. Max had a blast.

On Saturday Max didn’t have a soccer game, so we three went to Olive Garden for lunch. Max spent the rest of the afternoon restless and bored until he left for Parents’ Night Out at Gymnastix.

Last week Max went to church with Mimi and Grandpa and got to see Mrs Banks, his teacher. She told Max that she was returning to school on Monday after a week away to care for her daughter, and he clapped for her. He really missed his awesome teacher while she was away.

Max, Daddy, and I went to Studio Movie Grill to see Dolphin Tale 2 on Sunday afternoon. It was a great movie. Marlie stayed with Granny for the afternoon. When we got back to Granny’s she cut Max’s hair.

Daddy carried Max to school Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday of this week due to conferences. He also picked him up on Monday and Thursday. Grandpa and Mimi picked him up on Wednesday. Max only moved his apple’s worm once this week, and thankfully it was to yellow instead of red. We were so proud of him and his behavior.

Monday was a big day. Max lost his first tooth! He pulled it himself. Daddy and I got a text from Mrs Banks with a cute picture and it wasn’t long after that when he came to my room to show me. It was so sweet how he was able to walk to my classroom and share this moment with me. When we got home we prepared for the Tooth Fairy’s first visit to our home. We read the book The Night Before the Tooth Fairy and put out our new Tooth Fairy pillow. Max was so excited and it was difficult for him to go to sleep. The Tooth Fairy left fairy dust, a certificate for Max’s lost tooth, a new toothbrush, and ten dollars!

On Tuesday Max had soccer pictures with his team. Pictures took too long and his team didn’t get to practice. On Wednesday Mimi and Grandpa picked up Lil’ Fellow since it was an early-release day. They took him to lunch, and then Mimi took him to a pirate event at the library. He had a blast because he got to wear his pirate suit and hunt for treasure.

On Thursday Daddy picked Max up due to early release. They visited Granny for a couple of hours. On Friday Max, Daddy, Marlie, and I went to the Buford Corn Maze. It was Spirit Night for Ivy Creek Elementary. Max got to ride a pony, play in the inflatable jumpie, enjoy the corn maze and corn box, and even take a hayride. It was a lot fun, but we were all tired when we got home.

On Saturday I took Max to Lowe’s to a Build and Grow. He got to build a cool fire truck. After Lowe’s we went to his soccer game, where he scored three goals. We were so proud, even if the opposing team trounced us. On Saturday night Max went to Parents’ Night Out.

Today Max and I slept until 10:45 am, and it was so nice. We went to Granny’s for breakfast and then came home to do things around the house. Max built LEGOs and watched classic cartoons. Daddy and I washed clothes. This afternoon Max and I went to Costco for pizza. Then we went to Mimi and Grandpa’s to visit and that’s where Max is hanging his hat tonight.