Mimi & Grandpa on Vacation, Jaemor Farms

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This week has been really busy. Max had yellow and green days at school, which indicate warnings and good behavior, respectively. Mrs Banks has been gone from school because her daughter Danielle has been sick. He had Mr and Mrs Paff as subs for the week.

Last Monday night Mimi and Grandpa took us out to BiBa’s for dinner because they were headed out of town for the week. One Tuesday night Daddy took Max to his soccer practice. Daddy said the kids had trouble focusing on practice. It could be because practice starts at 6:30 pm or the fact they’re six years old.

On Thursday Daddy and I went to the hospital to visit Danielle, and Max and Marlie stayed with Granny. We didn’t get home until late and were surprised Max was able to get up and going on Friday morning.

On Friday night Max and Daddy hung out while I went to paint with a friend. We had a great time and hope to do it again soon. Saturday Max and I went to Lowe’s for a Build and Grow. We made a cool set of wooden binoculars. Our next stop on Saturday was Max’s soccer game. He was the green team this week. Max scored two goals this week. Saturday night daddy and I watched the UGA football game while Max was at Parents’ Night Out at Gymnastix.

This leads us to today. We started off with breakfast at Granny’s and then Max and I headed to Jaemor Farms for a fun afternoon. The weather felt like fall, so we enjoyed some fall-like activities like a corn maze, hayride, apple cannons, and picking out a pumpkin. We had a great time today. On the way home Max fell fast asleep.

Tonight we’ve been working on sight words. We’ve had trouble with the word that. We did flashcards and sight word bingo, so, fingers crossed, we may have Max’s current set of sight words mastered.

Mimi and Grandpa come home this week from Montana and Canada. We’ve missed them.