Good Week Last Week, Playing at Home, Spending Night with Mimi & Grandpa

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Max had a pretty good week last week. He landed on a yellow apple on Monday and on green apples Tuesday through Friday. A green apple indicates good or excellent behavior, a yellow apple indicates warnings, and a red apple indicates misbehavior after warnings. He had his first soccer practice of the new season last Tuesday.

This was Labor Day weekend, which means Mama and Max didn’t have to go to school today. Max stayed at home all day until Grandpa picked him up this evening. The little fellow begged Mama and me to play with him many times yesterday and today. His favorite activity is playing with his Thomas & Friends trains on the floor. We’ve ordered more track and if everything works out, we should be able to make a huge circle on the main floor of our house that goes into every room.

Yesterday Mama took Max to Toys"R"Us to spend some of his gift cards he received for his birthday. She said he was a good shopper. He complained about a Thomas & Friends toy’s using too much of his gift cards. He didn’t spend all he has, though, so he still has some for another day.

Today he asked if he could say “the F word.” I asked him what the F word was and he couldn’t tell me. Mama and I are a little disappointed by his hearing stuff like this at his age.

He said something funny yesterday regarding the new underwear Granny gave him for his birthday. They’re larger than what he’s used to and he said, “they don’t fit my balls just right.” What a funny thing to say.

He’s still preoccupied with potty words. When he’s trying to be funny he fits in at least one potty word in every sentence. Poop and toot are his favorites. He threatens to do one or the other on Mama and/or me every day.

We had some tickle time today and some sword fighting, and he enjoyed both. He enjoyed playing with the remote-controlled car his friend Joshua gave him for his birthday. It runs forward and backward and will do cool spinouts. It has a fifth wheel so it can also run in a vertical position.

He got to see his sweetheart Annabelle today when she and her mother dropped by to pick up something they left behind at Max’s birthday party. Max would’ve loved to have entertained Annabelle all afternoon, but she and her mother had stuff to do and couldn’t stay.

He’s as hyper as ever, but he’s mostly sweet. The boy loves his mama and daddy, and we certainly love him. He’s been asking me if I’m his friend, and I assure him I’ll always be his friend, but I have to be his daddy first. He seems genuinely impressed by my telling him that I’ll always love him regardless of what he does.

He’s spending the night with Mimi and Grandpa tonight and I’m looking forward to giving him a big bear hug in the morning.