Becoming a Soccer Star, Busy, Enjoying Family Time

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We had a pretty good week. We had soccer practice on Tuesday. Before soccer we went to Lego mini-build at Sugarloaf Mills. We built a cute airplane.

Max loved seeing me at school this week. He’s all excited about the book fair’s coming to Ivy Creek. He got to have his book fair preview on Friday. He was green one day, red one day, and yellow a couple of days. Green indicates good behavior, yellow indicates warnings, and red indicates misbehavior after warnings. We had a short week due to Labor Day.

On Saturday Max had his first soccer game of the season. He was a big star at his soccer game, scoring about five goals! After his soccer game he wanted to go to Granny’s. He said he wanted to go to Granny’s “not just to get Marlie.” He and Granny watched a mummy movie. Lil’ Fellow jumped in her lap when the movie showed snakes. When he saw commercial interruptions in the movie he was watching, he asked Granny why those people interrupted his movie. He’s accustomed to watching movies and videos without commercial interruption.

Saturday night Max went to Parents’ Night Out at Gymnastix. This morning he went to church with Mimi and Grandpa, and this afternoon he went to a birthday party for Nina, Miss Dale’s niece. He also went to the church picnic this afternoon. Before going to Mimi and Grandpa’s for the night he came home to build a Thomas & Friends TrackMaster track that covers all four quadrants of the main floor of our house.