Trains & Running Errands

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We slept in this morning, as planned. When we got up we watched Despicable Me. Then we went out to do some errands. We got lunch and then went to pick out a book bag for lil’ fellow. He picked out a Hot Wheels book bag. While we were out we bumped into two of Max’s classmates from last year, Joshua and Valeria. When he saw Valeria he was so excited. He said, “Daddy thinks she cute and I said you do, too.” He said, “Don’t tell her that Mommy—she’s a girl!”

This evening we grilled out and had a nice dinner together. We’ve also been busy building a track that spans all over our living room rug. Max has had multiple trains running.

We’ve also been working on his birthday party invitation. His party is three weeks from today. Too much is happening at once—starting kindergarten and turning six. Just thinking about it makes me tired.