Staying on Green All Day at School, Curriculum Night

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Well, I reckon I can write today’s entry since Mama has had such a full day. She’s been involved with school stuff since about 7:15 this morning. Tonight was Ivy Creek’s Curriculum Night, which I attended as a parent for my first time. Mama’s done this nineteen times before as a teacher.

Max stayed on green all day today, and we’re very proud he exercised the self-control necessary to accomplish that. I told him he could buy some games for his iPad, and he tried to find some, but he soon was bored with searching and began playing Minecraft Pocket Edition, his current favorite game.

Grandpa and I did some work at Granny’s this afternoon. Grandpa put a new float valve in her toilet, trimmed shrubs, pulled up tomato cages in the garden, and fixed a switch in a fluorescent light fixture in her basement.

I picked up Max from school and took him to Mimi and Grandpa’s. I had to get ready for Curriculum Tonight and Mimi and Grandpa took the little fellow to Sonny’s for a grilled cheese. Granny kept Marlie all afternoon and I picked her up after Curriculum Night.

Mama said she saw Max’s class walking by in the hallway today at school. Max had already passed by, so he didn’t see her. Classmates at the end of the line spotted Mama, though, and informed her they knew her “brother.” That made Mama feel pretty good because it wasn’t long ago when someone asked if she was Max’s grandmother.

We need to turn out the lights here at Chez Max so our little buddy can have another great day at school.