Max’s 6th Birthday Party

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Today was the day of Max’s sixth-birthday party with friends at The Ice Forum. Friends Kayli, Joshua, Max M., Liam, Annabelle, Rylen, Erin Marie, Annie, Candi, Laura, Mackenzie, Mimi, and Grandpa joined us to celebrate the sixth anniversary of Max’s birth.

Quite a few of Max’s friends had never ice skated before, so we were glad the facility offered an introductory lesson for them. Just about everyone fell sooner or later, but no one was seriously injured. Max came home with light abrasions on the right side of his abdomen and a water blister or two on his feet, but he had a wonderful time skating with his friends.

The theme of Max’s party was The Polar Express, so that’s why they chose The Ice Forum for his birthday party venue. And a great place it was to beat the heat. The areas near the two skating rinks were very cool, even a little cold for some of Max’s friends. Max was bundled up in warm clothes, but they were all soaking wet from his many falls by the end of the party.

Max fell asleep on their way home and we almost didn’t let him go to Parents’ Night Out at Gymnastix this evening, but he demanded to go.

And that’s after going to Lowe’s this morning to build a robot puppet from the movie Monsters vs. Aliens, errands with Mama to gather things for the party, and to take Marlie to Granny’s. Marlie still can’t be left by herself without having potty-inducing anxiety, so we take her to Granny when we need a sitter.

We’re all tired, ready for bed, and hope to sleep late in the morning.