Lowes Build and Grow, Wii U Sports, Parents’ Night Out

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Max and Mama went to a Lowe’s Build and Grow Kids Clinic this morning and built a Monsters vs Aliens trolley car. Then they went to Hobby Lobby, where the little fellow bought a wooden steam engine that he painted himself. It looks pretty good. They put eyes on the front and painted it black and red.

Max stayed with me this afternoon while Mama helped Mimi host a bridal shower for Julie Davis, daughter of our good friends and neighbors Jimmy and Sue.

Max played with his trains for a short while and then we played Wii U bowling and baseball for the rest of the time. He kept talking about going to Parents’ Night Out tonight and how much he loves going. Parents’ Night Out is an organized and physically oriented social activity for kids, and it hasn’t been held in about six weeks.

I was glad to see Grandpa show up on the golf cart to pick up the little fellow so I could have some quiet time. In about an hour he and Mama returned home and in a few minutes they left to take Max to Parents’ Night Out.

I picked up Max tonight and he’d had a great time. He got to play with his good friend Kayleigh, whom he invited to his birthday party. On our way home he asked me to tell him about every time I got into trouble in school from the time I was a baby until I graduated from college. I came up with a couple of instances that weren’t too bad to reveal to him, but I definitely didn’t want to tell him about my time in high school.

We’re about to turn in for the night.