In Trouble at School, Paddling, Everything in Timeout

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This morning Maxipoo didn’t want to get up and going. He had too much fun on his birthday. Once we got up and got going he was a happy camper. I saw Lil’ Fellow on the way to lunch and he told me, “I love you and I’m on yellow.” I warned him not to go to red apple, which indicates misbehavior after a warning.

As I was teaching social studies this afternoon I got a visit from Mrs Banks, Max’s teacher. I knew that couldn’t be good, and I was right. Max had trouble getting along with a classmate and had said something he shouldn’t. Mrs Banks made Max call his Daddy.

Daddy and I decided he would come and get our little boy afterschool. Daddy had to give lil’ fellow a paddling when he got home. Also, all of his toys, games, and electronics were put in timeout. When I got home from school Max was asleep in our bed.

Lil’ Fellow finished up his homework tonight and it’s already time to turn in. We’re hoping for a better day tomorrow.