Good Day at School, Trains, Wii U Bowling, Building Hideout

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Max had a pretty good day. He was better about getting up this morning. When we got going we made it to school just in time. He was the first student in Mrs Banks’s class this morning. She asked him to pass out the morning work and he did, but he didn’t understand when she asked him to do his morning work. He told her that he did it yesterday, and he wilted when she told him he had to do it every morning. Mrs Banks thought that was cute. I didn’t see Mr Max all day, but when he got to my room this afternoon he was so excited to let me know he stayed on a green apple all day, which means he was well-behaved.

My grade level planned math this afternoon, so we stayed late. Max got to play with other staff kids and loved it. He said he loves Ivy Creek.

When we got home Max got busy building his trains on the living room floor. The boy loves trains. We also played Wii U bowling and Max’s skill has improved significantly. His two top scores today were 169 and 167.

Tonight in our bedroom Max built a cool hideout out of blankets. He decorated the inside like a house. Inside he put a watch, picture of him and Dad, and a basket of books. Daddy and I thought it was so creative.

We’re about to head to bed. Max is looking forward to Saturday and Sunday.