First Day of Kindergarten

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Max didn’t sleep well last night. We think he was a little nervous about his first day of kindergarten. We put out the “jitter glitter” Mrs Banks gave us at open house. It was supposed to help calm Max’s jitters about kindergarten.

When we got up this morning it wasn’t hard to get Max going. He was so excited. We snapped a few pictures and then headed out. We stopped by Granny’s to drop Marlie off and take a few more pictures. Daddy came to school with us this morning.

We stopped by Mrs Banks’s room for more pictures and then headed to my room. Daddy took Lil’ Fellow to class this morning and then went to a meeting for kindergarten parents at our school.

It was so cool today when I took my kids to the bathroom and my little Maxipoo was there, too. He was so surprised to see me. When his classmates saw him hug me, they said, “Who’s that?” He said proudly, “My Mommy.” It warmed my heart!

Max loved kindergarten and got a smiley face on his first day! Yahoo! Only 179 more smiley faces needed!

Mimi and Grandpa picked up for their favorite kindergartener some Costco pizza for dinner and also gave us money to go get ice cream to celebrate our first day of school.

We’re in the process of getting his school year off right with going to bed early, so we’re hitting the hay.