Daddy’s 45th Birthday

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We got a little scare when we woke up this morning. The clock said it was 7:33 am, and that’s way past when we’re supposed to be at school. Thank goodness the power had gone off last night and messed up our clock. We were fine.

When Max got up this morning he ran downstairs to wish Daddy a happy birthday all on his own. We thought that was sweet.

Max had a yellow day at school. That means he got a warning. Mrs Banks said he’s doing fine and just learning the boundaries.

Tonight Mimi, Grandpa, Max, and I took Daddy out for his birthday. We went back to Granny’s for cake and ice cream. Max got Daddy a basketball for his birthday. We played for a while at Granny’s before coming home.

We’re all about to call it a day around here. One week from today Max will be six years old.