A Little Better Behaved Today

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Max got up well this morning. We got to school in plenty of time but were short one book bag. That’s right, we forgot Max’s book bag this morning, which included his lunch. Daddy looked everywhere but couldn’t find it to bring to us. Max had to buy a lunch today. Maybe we’ll do better tomorrow.

Today Max had better behavior. He got on yellow, which is a warning. This was an improvement from yesterday’s red. Max had to sit out for a few minutes on the playground. I was out with my class and had saw Max’s serving his timeout .

After school staff kids gathered in the gym. Max had a big time playing hockey. When we got home he played Wii U bowling with Daddy. Mimi and Grandpa stopped by for a visit. We headed to bed early tonight. We’re looking forward to a good day tomorrow, which is Daddy’s birthday.