Wii U Sports, Dental Cleaning, Marshmallow Gun, Swimming

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It’s been another busy day here.

This morning Mama went to school to drop off something and picked up Max from Mimi and Grandpa’s on her way home. We played Wii U baseball for about an hour. The little fellow and I had dental cleaning appointments shortly before noon.

Max was worried about getting something stuck in this throat, but our cleanings turned out well. Dana was our hygienist and Dr Kim checked us. Both Dana and Dr Kim went on and on about Max’s handsomeness. I didn’t hear one bloomin’ compliment about my handsomeness.

After Max and I returned home he and Mama went to Chick-fil-A and Granny’s, where Max got some big marshmallows to shoot in his new marshmallow air gun.

I ran an errand this afternoon as just as I was parking the Maxmobile, he and Mama were heading to Collins Hill Aquatic Center for some free-fun swimming before his swimming class. His swimming instructor was a lifeguard at the outdoor pool, and Max thought it was neat that she knew his name and spoke to him.

This evening Max and I played more Wii U baseball and then Mama joined us for a round of bowling.

Today marks the conclusion of Mama’s summer break. Tomorrow she returns to Ivy Creek to begin her twentieth year of teaching. Where the heck has time gone? I was only twenty-one when we married, and Becky was just nineteen.

Mama, Max, and Marlie, our seven-month old Shih Tzu, are in bed as I write this and I’m about to join them. George, our cat, is with me in the big chair in our bedroom.