Wii U Bowling, Tiny Towne’s Opening Day, Sparks in the Park

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It’s been another fun-filled, busy day here at Chez Max. We started the day with all three of us playing bowling on Max’s Wii U. Then we took Marlie to Granny’s, went to Tiny Towne’s opening day, and Mama and Max went to Sparks in the Park at E.E. Robinson Park in Sugar Hill.

I’m writing this at nearly midnight and the little fellow is drinking his PediaSure and watching a Thomas & Friends video. This boy has been into Thomas since he was about sixteen months old.

We received VIP treatment at Tiny Towne in Norcross, “a family-oriented, high-tech ‘edu-tainment’ center with the vision of inspiring a generation of safer drivers.” The facility’s founder, Pierre Maalouf, treated us to lots of complimentary tokens, and told us all about his inspiration for developing this concept. Max had a blast and there’s plenty of room for him to grow, learn, and develop safe driving habits at Tiny Towne.

When he’s at least 57" tall, he’ll be challenged with passing at least two tests in one of Tiny Towne’s many driving simulators. If he’s successful he’ll receive a license for a smart car. In the smart car he’ll swipe his license across the car’s computer, and the car will know Max’s complete driving history. If Max commits a traffic offense, a police officer at the facility will pull him over, teach him the proper lesson, and cite him. If Max accrues enough points on his Tiny Towne license, he’ll have to see a judge. Mr Maalouf said he was looking for a real judge to have on staff. He suggested one penalty levied by the judge might be writing a research paper about a specific area of traffic safety.

There are dozens of arcade-style games, an upscale concessions area featuring a full menu, an elevated parents’ observation deck, and traffic safety-themed party rooms. There are two large rooms for classes, and I saw at least fifty touchscreen displays in one of them.

There’s a train that carries kids around Tiny Towne’s perimeter and the track’s tunnel is under the parents’ observation deck.

We stayed for about three hours and Max didn’t want to leave. We had to leave, though, because Max and Mama were meeting Max Mitchell and his mother, Tanya, at E.E. Robinson Park in Sugar Hill for a fireworks extravaganza and summer festival. I believe they rolled into the garage around 10:00 pm.

Good times.

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