Sports Camp, Flooding House

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Max began a week of Sports Camp at Bogan Park this morning and I picked him up this afternoon. He says he made a new friend and had fun playing Capture the Flag, which may be similar to flag football.

He’s been wide-open since we came home around 3:15 this afternoon. He told me Mama and I are more than his friends, that we’re his parents, so we must pay attention to him. I don’t know how he pieced that bit of logic together, but he’s accurate.

Mimi and Grandpa stopped by this evening to see their favorite grandson, and poor ol’ Grandpa tried without success to get Max to spend the night with them again tonight.

Max and Mama were upstairs getting ready for Max’s bath and I was sitting in our dimly lit living room when I heard water dripping. I thought it might have been a crack in our tub, but I was wrong. Max had plugged one of our bath sinks and then walked out of the room. Mama was on the phone and didn’t know what our precious bundle had done. Water poured from one of the floodlights in our living room and from the ceiling fan.

Commotion and calamity are backing off as we prepare to go to bed.