Building Railroad, Getting Rocket, Swimming Lessons, Spy

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Max got up quite early this morning. He and Daddy watched Despicable Me but spent a good portion of their morning building a train track that is wrapped under the coffee table. It’s cool.

Early this afternoon Max and Daddy visited a hobby shop to buy a model rocket. Then they went to Granny’s to assemble it. They didn’t quite get it together today, but they will soon.

Tonight Max had his last swimming lesson. We’re so proud of his improvement in his swimming. He got to play in the fun pool with his all his classmates after his class.

When we got home from swimming lessons I played with Max and his cool track.

We’re now harboring a top secret: Max is a spy. He doesn’t want anyone to know. We just learned of this today when he told us. He wasn’t going to tell Daddy until Daddy threatened to keep a secret from Max, and it was then when Max made Daddy privy to his new secret.

It’s been another busy day and we’re all ready for bed around here.

Next week will see a radical change in our bedtime as we get back into school mode.