Baby Shower for Megan

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Max, Marlie, and I slept in this morning. When we got up Daddy went to get us breakfast. We spent the morning getting ready for a baby shower we were giving a neighbor and friend, Megan Bolian. The shower went well and we had a lot of people present. The plan was for Max to stay in the shop with Grandpa for the first half of the shower, but Max waited for Grandpa to fall asleep and made a mad dash to the shower. It was alright but it scared Grandpa. At the end of the shower, Megan caught Max with the cake-serving spoon licking it. When she caught him he said, “We don’t have to tell anyone.” Where does this boy get these things?

Tonight Daddy and I went out to dinner while Max stayed with Grandpa and Marlie stayed with Granny. When we got home we got our baths, read books, and watched a short Thomas and Friends video.

We’re all tired and ready to call it a day.