3 Movies, Granny’s, Bowling, Swimming Lessons

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Today began much like yesterday. Marlie got me up as Mama was leaving for school, and Max came downstairs about forty minutes later. He was tired and his eyelids hung low for a while, but he soon perked up and asked to watch Despicable Me. We watched the movie together in the living room, and when it was over I started The LEGO Movie. We planned to go bowling today, and I told Max we could go at any time. He said he wanted Mama to go with us, and even though I told him it wouldn’t work out for her to go with us today, I believe he was holding out for her.

After The LEGO Movie the little fellow asked to watch Despicable Me again. I was surprised and let him have his way. After the movie we played Wii U baseball and then took Marlie to Granny’s so we could go bowling. Marlie still has separation anxiety, so we don’t want to leave her by herself.

Max and I had a good time bowling, but neither of us scored well. I believe my 120-something was the highest of the afternoon. Max got popcorn and it arrived unsalted. I didn’t use good judgment when I told him he could salt it himself. He brought back more salt to our table than he did popcorn. I emptied out almost all of it to find popcorn where there wasn’t so much salt, but Max had been thorough in his application. When we got out to the van, he said he felt sick from all of the salt. I hope he doesn’t have to learn all of his lessons the hard way.

Mama took Max to swimming lessons this evening and when they returned we went to IHOP for dinner. We put Marlie’s thunder shirt on her and let her stay home while we went out. I took her to the potty before we left and was thankful she eliminated both ways. If she hadn’t, I wouldn’t have left her. She was very, very happy to see us when we returned, and I was very thankful she didn’t make a mess in her crate.

They’re in bed as I write this. Max is already asleep and Mama is telling me to wrap this up.