Splash Camp at Gymnastix, Trains, Mario Kart 8

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It’s been another fun-filled and busy day for Mr Max. Grandpa took him to Splash Camp at Gymnastix Training Center this morning, and the little fellow stayed until about 5:00 this afternoon. He said he had a great time. He was excited about Stephen’s being there. Stephen is someone he’s played with before at Gymnastix. Mama brought him home and then Grandpa scooped him up for a short while.

He wanted to go upstairs and play with the railway he created yesterday before playing Mario Kart 8 with me this evening. He even got Mama to play Mario Kart with us, though she lasted for just three or four races before bailing out.

He and I are on the sofa and he’s still playing as I write this.

After such a busy day, it’s time for us to get our boy to bed so he can enjoy another fun day tomorrow.