Last Day of Preschool

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Today was Max’s last day of preschool. Mama took him to school because it was also Muffins with Mom Day. Their breakfast went well and Max had a good last day of school. His teacher, Mrs Cyndy, brought him to the van after school and gave him a western-themed book bag packed with a bunch of cool end-of-the-year stuff, including a custom photobook and his diploma.

The photobook is awesome. I thought its cover featuring Max was cool, but I thought the inside of the book would be what all the other kids received. It wasn’t. It was focused on Max. What a bunch of time Mrs Cyndy put into the project! I don’t know how we can ever repay her. Seriously.

Mama decorated the Maxmobile’s interior with balloons and a celebration sign and the little fellow was excited when he saw all of that. We went to Granny’s, I had lunch, and Max and I played with his model railroad in Granny’s basement for a short while. I was ready to come home, but Max wasn’t, so he stayed with Granny. Mama picked him up around 4:30 pm and took him back to school with her, where Max was calamitous and unruly. Mama said Max crawled under her principal’s chair, tried to vote on a budget, and had a potty accident.

When Mama and Max got home, Mama’s face was chiseled and Max said she was “being mean.”

After dinner Max and I played Super Mario 3D World. The little fellow was ready to play more after his bath, but I let him play by himself because I wanted to write this. I’m sure we’ll get back to Mario together in the morning.