Gymnastics, Granny’s, Spring Fling at Mama’s School

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Max slept from about 9:30 last night until 8:35 this morning. We watched Mighty Machines and came downstairs to play Super Mario 3D World on his Wii U.

It wasn’t long before time to leave for Max’s weekly gymnastics class. Today’s class had a theme: the beach. All the kids wore their swimsuits and one of the things they did was play musical beach towels on the main floor of the facility.

From gymnastics we went to Granny’s. Max wasn’t hungry but I was, so I had lunch and he and Granny watched Nickelodeon.

I took the little fellow to Mama’s school shortly after 4:00 for Spring Fling. There were a bunch of things for the kids to play on, one of which was a fair-like spinning cup ride. Mama worked in concessions while Max played. Grandpa went to the event to see what Max was doing.

They went to Chick-fil-A for dinner, stopped by Mimi and Grandpa’s to pick up some of the toys Max won at the Fling, and came home exhausted. Marlie was glad to see them and put on a big tail-wagging show.

After their bath Max and Marlie played chase and Marlie stopped suddenly and tinkled just outside our bedroom. Max and I were both watching her at the time, but there just wasn’t anything we could do to stop it. It’d been just fifty minutes since she last made water, so it was surprising and disappointing to see her void in the house.

Max has a soccer game tomorrow, so we’re trying to shut down the house so we can all get some rest and enjoy the game.