Triking Day, Time with Mimi, Grandpa, & Granny

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Today was Triking Day at Max’s pre-K. Kids brought in their tricycles, bicycles, and other multi-wheeled vehicles for a fabulous time in the gym. Mama and I joined our little buddy for his last Triking Day at pre-K. He had lots of fun and was really excited about his Mama’s being there. She took a half-day off from school to join the fun.

I left Max’s pre-K before Mama. She stayed behind to go with him to his classroom for a pizza party. She said the little fellow was enthusiastic about her being in his classroom. I bet he was. He knows that next year he’ll be going to school every day with Mama, and this year she’s Teacher of the Year for her entire school.

From school Mama took Max to Granny’s, where he stayed until Mimi and Grandpa picked him up. They went to Bogan Park and Max found one of his good friends from church, William, to play with. From the park they went to Mimi and Grandpa’s and Max and Grandpa played ball inside and outside of their shop.

Mama didn’t come home from school until after 6:00 pm, which means that even though she took a half-day off from school, she still worked a full day. She and I went to IHOP for dinner and Mimi and Grandpa continued playing with Max. When we arrived to pick up our little buddy, he was playing ball inside the shop with Mimi and Grandpa.

Marlie’s separation anxiety hasn’t improved. I put her in her crate while I went to Triking Day at Max’s school and she survived my ninety-minute absence without soiling her crate. I wasn’t so fortunate for crating her while Mama and I went to dinner, though. When we came home I had some cleaning up to do.

Marlie’s stroller arrived today and I paraded her through our neighborhood and took a bunch of pictures of her at Mrs Wigley’s house. Mrs Wigley has a large rock with a flat top in front of her home and the sun was just right for photographing our newest addition. Because her eyes are surrounded by black hair, I need an assistant to hold a reflector for me to shine some light on those precious brown eyes. Without a reflector it’s difficult to see her eyes.

Max just asked me to buy Minecraft for him, which is a block-based adventure game for his iPad. I was surprised by his knowing the exact name of the game. He frequently asks me to search for LEGO and train games, but he’s never asked for a specific game before tonight. Since he’s been such a fine and upstanding young boy these past few weeks, I granted his wish.

It’s time to shutdown the house.