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It’s been a very merry Christmas around here. Santa was so generous to Max this year. He brought Max a bunch of LEGO sets, including a passenger train set. Santa also gave him a science kit and the Candy Land board game. He’s been digging both today. Granny gave him some Iron Man underwear, and the boy was most excited about his new drawers.

Here’s our precious boy coming down to see what Santa gave him (7:47):



After we finished unwrapping gifts here at home, we went to Mimi and Grandpa’s to unwrap more. Max received far more gifts than the rest of us combined, and he was happy to point that out as we went along.

We returned to our house for a short while before lunch so Max could play with his new toys, and then we returned to Mimi and Grandpa’s to have lunch.

Granny brought another thin-layer chocolate cake to Becky today. She wanted to “make up” for the dry one she gave Becky on her birthday five days ago. This one was better, though I prefer the chocolate cake that’s like my Aunt Jean’s. Jean’s chocolate cake has a ton of gritty, sugary chocolate all through it, not just on the outside. I’ve been trying to take my food intake in a positive direction for the past couple of months, but today was a step backward. I’ve eaten about half of the second cake Granny baked for Becky and I feel lousy.

Max has been wide-open all day. Becky was fantastic about playing with everything with him. I never cared for science kits. They always seemed messy to me. But Becky had a good time making glow-in-the-dark lotion with Max, and it was a pleasure to see the delight in his eyes and hear it in his voice as he demonstrated it to me.

The Candy Land game was a big hit. Max and Mama have played about a dozen rounds of it and I played a round with them this evening.

So it’s been very merry at Chez Max on this Christmas Day.