Thanksgiving Feast at Max’s Preschool, Macy’s Pink Pig, LEGOLAND

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Today’s been extra sweet for our little buddy. Mama took the day off from school and went with me to take Max to school. Then we went back to Max’s school shortly before 11:00 am for his class’s Thanksgiving Feast. Max was a pretty good boy at the feast. Mrs Cyndy, his teacher, allowed him to take the class pet, Willow, a plushy horse, home with him for Thanksgiving break. Max is super-excited about having Willow with him. He’s whimpered several times since school began about someone else’s getting to take Willow home, but now it’s his turn and he gets Willow for about ten days.

After the feast Mimi, Grandpa, Mama, and Max went to Atlanta for Max to ride Macy’s Pink Pig. Willow got to ride, too. Max got to write a letter to Santa and they went to Pottery Barn Kids to find some Elf on the Shelf stuff.

They had dinner at Chick-fil-A, stopped by the LEGOLAND Discovery Center at Phipps Plaza, and returned to Buford shortly before 8:00 pm.

The little fellow melted down at bedtime, though, because he was so tired.

He’s asleep as I write this, but I’m about to join him and Mama upstairs for what I hope turns out to be a good night’s rest for us all.

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