Proud of His Mama, Teacher of the Year

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’Tis been a big day for us all. Mama was named Teacher of the Year by her peers at Ivy Creek Elementary, a part of Gwinnett County Public Schools, here in Buford, Georgia. She’s made it to the top three, three times in the past, but this fourth time around was her lucky number.

I was unable to take Mama’s call when she phoned to tell me, and when I returned her call, a friend took the call and I was greeted by the sweet sound of Mama’s class singing a special song to honor their illustrious teacher. I phoned Grandpa and got his voicemail. I thought I’d be persistent and dial him back immediately. This time I reached him, but he was in the dentist’s chair. I’m certain he was glad to learn of his daughter’s high honor, though I feel bad for pestering him when he was trying to get dental work done.

She received a crown, a beautiful bouquet of fall flowers, sash, sparkly earrings, and many hugs from her students for winning her school’s top honor.

Mimi and Grandpa took us out to dinner this evening to celebrate. Many of her colleagues and our friends, family, and neighbors have phoned or texted to congratulate her.

Max learned of the news when I picked him up from school. He lit up and said, “Wow! I’m so proud of her!” I am, too.

We went to Granny’s from school and got to visit with Aunt Shirley for a little while. I ran an errand for Granny and while I was gone Max visited with Uncles Bill and Larry, too. I didn’t get to see Bill and Larry long before they all had to leave, but I’m glad to have seen them at all.

So things are great at Chez Max. We’re riding on a major high right now.