Max’s Birthday at School

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Today was Max’s birthday celebration at school. Since his birthday is in the summer, they figure out a day to celebrate it during the regular school year. In honor of His Handsomeness’s fifth birthday he shared Curious George railroad cupcakes with his classmates. He even received two gifts—one from his class and one from his teachers. One was an ABC puzzle that he and I put together twice at Granny’s, and one was a memory board game that we haven’t had a chance to play yet.

The little fellow got going slowly this morning. I believe he didn’t get enough rest last night, or the quality of the rest he got wasn’t very good. But he was excited about going to school today because it was his day to celebrate his birthday and nothing was going to stop him from going.

While Max was at school Grandpa and I trimmed our shrubs at the front of our house. Grandpa trimmed while I carried the trimmings away. That was some awful work. I was perspiring and having a lousy time, but Grandpa didn’t mind it one bit. We’re still not done. There’s one shrub that’s grown beyond our reach and we still have to tackle it.

Mama came home early from school today with a cold and/or sinus infection. She slept all afternoon and went to the doctor early this evening.

Max accompanied Mimi and Grandpa to dinner with our friend and neighbor Renae and Renae’s mother. Granny and Mama were going to go, but Mama backed out due to not feeling well, and Granny backed out when she learned Mama wasn’t going. After dinner Mimi, Renae, Max, and Renae’s mother went to Krispy Kreme for Dress Like a Pirate Night and got a dozen hot doughnuts. Mimi tried to send those things home with Max, but I had to ask her not to. I just don’t have that kind of strength.

Since I picked him up from school he’s seemed tired, so we’re all about to hit the hay.

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