iPad Games, Spider-Man, Granny’s, Patriots Day at Ivy Creek

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I don’t know how Max’s days could get any better. This morning we watched an episode of Phineas and Ferb while Max drank his PediaSure, and then we played games on his iPad and watched Spider-Man 2. There’s so much content on his iPad—over five hundred games, dozens and dozens of movies and videos, Netflix, PBS Kids, and thousands of songs. We get lost in it sometimes.

We were getting ready to go to Granny’s when Mimi called and asked the little fellow to go to the park. He had it in his mind to go to Granny’s, so that’s where we went. It wasn’t long before Mama asked us to meet her back at home so she could take Max to Patriots Day at her school and to enjoy his first campout. Mama and Max are going to sleep in a tent tonight on the playground at Mama’s school. She sent several pictures from the event and Max is obviously having a wonderful time with all of the other kids. They’re watching Disney’s WALL-E on a large inflatable outdoor screen. There are a lot of other activities for them, too. I’m sure Max is excited about going to school at Ivy Creek next year. He’s probably thinking every day is like this evening.

Mimi and Grandpa went out to see Mama and Max and took them dinner from Chick-fil-A.

The house seems mighty empty without their being here, but it is nice and quiet.